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CD REVIEW: Swan Esther – Original Concept Album

Lyrics: Jack Edward Oliver Music: Nick Munns Reviewer: Mark Clegg There can’t be many people who haven’t experienced the dreaded school assembly either as a participant or as a spectator, squatting on an under-sized chair waiting for your child to deliver their single line while dressed as the Archangel Gabriel or an onion. Luckily, school assemblies got a shot in ...

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NEWS: Stage Door Records to release Stephanie Lawrence in Swan Esther on CD

Stage Door Records today announced the Original Concept Album of Nick Munns and J. Edward Oliver’s 1983 musical ‘Swan Esther’ will be released on CD May 26th, 2014. 'Swan Esther' is a musical retelling of the biblical story of Esther,the Jewish queen of the Persian King Ahaseuerus. The musical was thebrainchild of legendary theatre producer David Land in a bid ...

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CD REVIEW: Privates on Parade – Original London Cast Recording

Music: Denis King Lyrics: Peter Nichols Reviewer: Mark Clegg War apparently, is hell. And yet World War Two has proven to be bumper source of inspiration for musicals, comedy and musical comedies. Combine this with the British population’s love of seeing men dressed up as women and Privates on Parade was always destined to be a success. And after over ...

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