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Hobson’s Choice – Vaudeville Theatre, London

Hobson's Choice - Gabrielle Dempsey (Vickey Hobson), Martin Shaw (Henry Hobson), Florence Hall (Alice Hobson) -

Writer: Harold Brighouse Director: Jonathan Church Reviewer:Maryam Philpott You may be forgiven for thinking the London has developed a bit of a foot fetish for on the Strand in neighbouring theatres there are currently two shows about shoe-making. While the musical Kinky Boots has been delighting audiences and winning awards for the best part of a year, nearby in the ...

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Hobson’s Choice – Milton Keynes Theatre

Hobson's Choice Joanna McCallum (Mrs Hepworth), Martin Shaw (Henry Hobson), in background Florence Hall (Alice) - -

Writer: Harold Brighouse Director: Jonathon Church Reviewer: Maggie Constable   Henry Horatio Hobson has made his choice and joins us at Milton Keynes this week, 2016 marking the centenary of the first UK production of the classic comedy from writer Harold Brighouse. This Theatre Royal Bath production tours just a few theatres nationwide prior to a run in the West ...

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Dial M for Murder – Theatre Royal, Glasgow

Writer: Frederick Knott Director: Lucy Bailey Reviewer: Lauren Humphreys Those theatre-goers lured by the draw of the nameAlfred Hitchcock attached to this productionwill not be disappointed by this, the stage original. Indeed, Hitchcock filmed his first colour movie almost word for word from Alfred Knott’s adaptation of his own play and despite claims by director Lucy Bailey that rather thanseeking ...

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Dial M for Murder – New Theatre, Cardiff

Writer: Frederick Knott Director: Lucy Bailey Reviewer: Chris Williams Going in to this production of Dial M for Murder one wonders how many members of the audience know that this famous Hitchcock, Grace Kelly-starrer – that even utilised gimmicky 3D – started life as a stage play. In this age of classic TV and films being rewritten for the stage ...

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Dial M for Murder – The HOUSE, Birmingham REP

Writer: Frederick Knott Director: Lucy Bailey Reviewer: Selwyn Knight Glancing at the posters for Dial M for Murder, one might imagine this is the latest in a line of plays adapted from successful films. In fact, that would be the very opposite of the truth: the play was written over sixty years ago before being adapted by the playwright for ...

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Dial M For Murder – Opera House, Manchester

Writer: Frederick Knott Director: Lucy Bailey Reviewer: Craig Hepworth Alfred Hitchcock’sDial M for Murder, that’s how the new touring version of the classic stage thriller is billed, somewhat misleading considering the stage play by writer Frederick Knott came first, clearly this is a marketing tool to get people through the door, but once inside does the play drum up a ...

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Dial M for Murder, Aylesbury Waterside Theatre

Writer: Frederick Knott Director: Lucy Bailey Reviewer: Pete Benson Dial M for Murder is a murder mystery play written by Frederick Knott which was then thrust onto the international stage by Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 film starring Ray Milland and Grace Kelly in the lead rôles. Even though the play is now over sixty years old, the director Lucy Bailey does ...

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Dial M for Murder – Richmond Theatre, London

Writer: Frederick Knott Director: Lucy Bailey Reviewer: Andy Moseley A classic murder story that fans of Hitchcock will know, and featuring the vet from All Creatures Great and Small. Easy to see how this would be guaranteed bums-on-seats material for a theatre in the leafy suburbs of Richmond. But director Lucy Bailey is not seeking to recreate the movie and ...

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