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Octopus Soup! – Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

Writers: Jack Milner and Mark Stevenson, Director: Joe Harmston Reviewer: Nicole Craft Seymour Norse (Nick Hancock) is about to receive the most important phone call of his life. He’s persuaded his bigwig boss to give him 20 minutes of her time to pitch an idea that he thinks will save the company’s (and his own) bacon. He’s rinsed his mouth out, pressed ...

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A Pupil – Park Theatre, London

Writer: Jesse Briton Director: Jessica Daniels Reviewer: Stephen Bates Can greatness be taught? A Pupil, Jesse Briton’s new 90-minute one-act play, an all-female four-hander, poses that question, asking also whether talent can thrive without discipline and whether discipline, in turn, will suffocate talent. Ye is a gifted violinist of Chinese origin, who is disabled and confined to a wheelchair as ...

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Some Girl(s), Park Theatre, London

Writer:Neil LaBute Director:Gary Condes Reviewer: Daniel Perks Men. Most of the time we are a fairly idiotic gender. We bumble through life, often not thinking about much other than the next girlfriend, the next beer, the next sports match. We don’t mean to hurt the feelings of those we love, it’s simply that most of the time we don’t even ...

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Storm in a Flower Vase – Arts Theatre, London

Writer: Anton Burge Director: Alan Strachan Reviewer: Elizabeth Vile [rating:3.5] Storm in a Flower Vase is a detailed and interesting portrayal of the life of Constance Spry. By focusing on just a few years of Spry’s life (1932-36) Anton Burge has written a tender but revealing play about a very interesting and dynamic woman. Interlaced with a selection of Spry’s ...

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The Governess – Darlington Civic Theatre

Writer: Patrick Hamilton Director: Roy Marsden Reviewer: Mark Clegg [rating:3] Good home help is hard to find. For every indispensable Jeeves or practically perfect Mary Poppins, there is a sinister Mrs Danvers or Rebecca De Mornay’s psychotic nanny from The Hand that Rocks the Cradle. Following an early scene in this play where Jenny Seagrove’s Miss Fry cruelly punishes her ...

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The Handyman – Richmond Theatre, London

Writer: Ronald Harwood Director: Joe Harmston Reviewer: Alex Ramon [rating:3.5] Belying the excessive modesty of its title, Ronald Harwood’s play The Handyman deals in Big Themes: war crimes, guilt, retribution, the nature of evil, the unknowability of others. You won’t be able to miss these themes because the characters keep stopping to announce them. A tendency towards obvious speechifying gives ...

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