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BE FESTIVAL: Obnimashki – Birmingham REP

Four people are tangled on the floor

Created by: Anna Aristarkhova, Germany Reviewer: John Kennedy Describing itself as 'evocative, abstract dance' perhaps the 'abstract' component evokes at least some semblance of accuracy, if not honesty. The collective stage-hugging denouement has its moment of unifying karma - the preceding 25 minutes of self-indulgent, skills-lite floundering make that a near medical and psychological imperative. While the ethos of each BE FESTIVAL evening's performances sets a ...

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BE FESTIVAL: Betelgez – Birmingham REP

Created by: Ki Omos Kineitai (Greece) Reviewer: John Kennedy Political protest symbolism seethes and weaves with a dangerous and potent dynamic (quite literally at times for the cast) in Betelgez. It won't easily be forgotten - nor should be. A see-saw construction is stage-centre focus. A suspended rope dangles from the lighting rig. Physical Theatre combines with tightrope taut, acrobatic aerial ...

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BE FESTIVAL: Solitudes – Birmingham REP

Two men and a woman in masks

Kulunka Teatro (Spain) Reviewer:  John Kennedy Kulunka was awarded Audience Prize at BE Festival 2011. Again, it sets the bar incredibly high with its mask/mime evocative narrative of a lonely, house-bound elderly couple. Their tick-tock Westminster chiming wall clock marks out the anticipated moment: it's time to play cards. The ritual of the green baize smoothed out upon the table, ...

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BE FESTIVAL: Légende – Birmingham REP

A man is looking at a simple structure made of two wooden blocks

Writer: Romain Teule (France/Portugal) Reviewer:  John Kennedy Ambient found sounds of passing traffic and tweeting birds drift about the auditorium. A gangly, bean-pole of a young man daddy long-legs about the stage. His performance lecture is an intriguing deconstruction of English pronunciation, syntax and literal interpretations. The screen text projections seeming drivel, enough to confound even Professor Stanley Unwin's tautological scatology. ...

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BE FESTIVAL: Wednesday – Birmingham REP

Performances reviewed: The Sensemaker (Woman's Move, Switzerland) Portraits And Short Stories (Panama Pictures, Netherlands) Everything Is OK (Marco D'Agostin, Italy) My Country Is What The Sea Doesn’t Want (Casa Da Esquina, Portugal) Reviewer:  John Kennedy 23 June 2016: a febrile atmosphere possesses The REP: it was Referendum Day and optimistic display boards celebrated pan-European messages of hope and inclusion. The ...

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The Play That Goes Wrong – The HOUSE, Birmingham REP

Writers:  Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer & Henry Shields Director: Mark Bell Reviewer: John Kennedy Michael Green’s dramatis majeure, The Art Of Coarse Acting (Hutchinson & Co, 1964) variously, if not vicariously, defines a coarse actor as one who‘Can remember the pauses but not the lines.’ All the stage is a whirl tonight in anticipation of a play within a play the likes of ...

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Stadium – The HOUSE, Birmingham REP

A man ina red jacket is speaking to a tour group on a white stage and black background

Creator and Director: Mohamed El Khatib Reviewer: Selwyn Knight REP Furnace aims to empower local people to become theatremakers. It has had some notable successes, particularly last year’s We’re here because we’re here in which more than 1400 volunteers appeared across the country in First World War uniforms to commemorate the centenary of the Battle of the Somme and represent the ...

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The Who’s Tommy – The HOUSE, Birmingham REP

Three young men dancing in front of a statue

Music & Lyrics: Pete Townsend Book: Pete Townsend & Des McAnuff Additional Music & Lyrics: John Entwistle & Keith Moon Director: Kerry Michael Reviewer:  John Kennedy Described as the Rock Musical reborn for a new generation there may well be a smattering of the My Generation here tonight who heard it first time round. The essential summertime news circulating in 1969 was that The Who were ...

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