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Much Ado About Nothing – Globe Theatre, London

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Matthew Dunster Reviewer: Karl O'Doherty The Globe’s Summer of Love progresses - verve, wit and colour very much in abundance. Matthew Dunster’s creation takes us from the regular setting of Messina to Mexico in the early 20th Century. The revolución becomes the military backdrop for Don Pedro’s men as they come to Leonato’s house and with ...

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French Without Tears – Oldham Coliseum

Writer: Terence Rattigan Director: Paul Miller Reviewer: Donna Kelly When Terence Rattigan’s play French Without Tears first made its debut in London in 1936, critics hailed it as ‘gay, witty and thoroughly contemporary’. 80 years later, the sparkling comedy still continues to entertain audiences with a fresh and lively revival by Paul Miller. French Without Tears tells the story of ...

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French Without Tears – CAST, Doncaster

French without Tears

Writer: Terence Rattigan Director: Paul Miller Reviewer: Laura Hibbert The show begins and audience are shown a taste of the surprising, yet delightful quality to come, inTerence Rattigan’s 1930s light-hearted comedyFrench Without Tears, as Kenneth (also known as Babe) pours a real, hot and steaming pot of coffee into his cup. Much like the effects of the beloved hot beverage, ...

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French Without Tears – Orange Tree Theatre, London

Writer: Terence Rattigan Director: Paul Miller Reviewer: David Guest It is hard to understand why Terence Rattigan tried to play down the success of his first major offering, French Without Tears, fearing it would mark him as frivolous and lightweight. As Director Paul Miller seeks to prove in this Orange Tree co-production with the English Touring Theatre, Rattigan’s 1936 comedy ...

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The Duchess Of Malfi – Nottingham Playhouse

Writer: John Webster Director: Fiona Buffini Reviewer: Fergus Morgan Fury. Forbidden love. Bloody murder. That is what is promised by the blood-spattered posters for Nottingham Playhouse’s production of The Duchess Of Malfi. It does not disappoint. John Webster’s Jacobean tragedy-cum-revenge-thriller is here brought to life by director Fiona Buffini with exhilarating panache in a vivid and stylish interpretation that owes ...

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Henry VI Part 1 – Theatre Royal, Brighton

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Nick Bagnall Reviewer: Michael Hootman [rating:4] It could be said that the problem with Shakespeare's Histories is that they tend to blur into various squabbles among blokes named after counties coupled with one long, inexplicable war with the French. Daunting as this may seem, don't let lack of a History A Level put you off. It ...

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Henry VI trilogy, York Theatre Royal

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Nick Bagnall Reviewer: Ray Taylor [rating:5] On what is officially the hottest day of the year so far, Globe Theatre’s staging of the whole of the Henry VI trilogy in one day calls for a huge amount of stamina and concentration both for the company and the audience. The results are an unequivocal triumph. The Company ...

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The Sacred Flame – Rose Theatre, Kingston-upon-Thames

Director: Matthew Dunster Writer: W Somerset Maugham Reviewer: Lettie Mckie [rating:2] The decision to revive a forgotten play is often fraught with difficulty and the pressures involved have both made and broken many a career. The popularity of playwrights ebb and flow with the tide of fashion and it is only the bravest of directors who break out against the ...

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