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Devoted Dreams –Theatre Row, New York

Writer: Christopher B. Latro Director: Anna Bamberger Reviewer: Jamie Rosler If humans have free will, and that free will is a gift from the gods, or God, can we still be manipulated into making certain decisions, and if we are, is that truly “free will?” While not the only theme in Devoted Dreams, these questions form the basis of this ...

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The Happy Family – Theatre Row, New York

Writer: Christopher P. Latro Director: Anna Bamberger Reviewer: Jamie Rosler The family drama and romantic relationships are powerful and deep theatrical wells. We all have our own stories of family and our own stories of romantic relationships, even if that story in either case is the absence thereof. Christopher P. Latro’s The Happy Family is another for the list, but ...

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The Shape of Things – Arcola Theatre, London

Writer: Neil LaBute Director: Samuel Miller Reviewer: Ian Foster [rating:3] What price art? How far and fearlessly should one be allowed to pursue artistic ambition? The arguments may recall the more recent debates to try and protect the arts in the never-ending rounds of funding cuts in the name of austerity but they also form the basis of Neil LaBute’s ...

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Blood Wedding – Courtyard Theatre, London

Writer: Federico García Lorca, adapted by Tanya Ronder Director: Bronagh Lagan Reviewer: Ian Foster [rating:3] Lorca’s writing is suffused with the heat and passion of his Spanish homeland and his 1932 play Blood Wedding is one of his most famous and oft-performed works. Aria Entertainment’s production uses Tanya Ronder’s recent translation but director Bronagh Lagan often struggles to combine the ...

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