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The Preston Bill – The Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter 

Writer &Performer: Andy Smith  Reviewer: Bethan Highgate-Betts    Spanning eight decades, several wars and countless political movements, The Preston Bill follows a place called Preston and a man called Bill.     Andy Smith takes us on a journey through the life of Bill and the town he calls home. Born before the beginning of the Second World War Bill grows up in Preston as Preston ...

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Pulse 2016: Andy Smith – The Preston Bill

Andy Smith - The Preston Bill

Writer and Performer: Andy Smith Reviewer: Glen Pearce Venue: New Wolsey Theatre   To understand the grand scale we often need to focus in on the minutiae. World events and social change are sometimes to vast to comprehend. Relate those changes to an individual, however, and it becomes digestible. It’s a technique employed well by Andy Smith in The Preston ...

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An Enemy of the People – Octagon Theatre, Bolton

Writer: Henrik Ibsen Adaptor: Arthur Miller Director: David Thacker Reviewer: Jim Gillespie   This production by the Octagon, in conjunction with the local University, is part of a wider celebration of the centenary of Arthur Miller’s birth on 17 October 1915. It also carries a personal resonance for Bolton Octagon Director David Thacker, who worked with Miller on his adaptation ...

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An Oak Tree – Bristol Old Vic Studio, Bristol

Writer: Tim Crouch Directors: Karl James and Andy Smith Reviewer: Kris Hallett Tim Crouch’sAn Oak Treeperhaps can claim to be the most influential play of the last decade. It’s challenging of form, its attempt to make a piece that could only ever work as theatre has influenced theatre makers as diverse as Chris Goode, Daniel Bye and the whole Forest ...

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DUBLIN THEATRE FESTIVAL: What Happens to the Hope at the End of the Evening – Peacock Theatre, Dublin

Writers: Tim Crouch and Andy Smith Director: Karl James Reviewer: Cormac O’Brien Ever since his breakthrough play, My Arm in 2002, Tim Crouch has pushed the boundaries of theatre making. Crouch’s work constantly raises probing questions about what theatre is for and why we go to it, delving deep into that complex relationship between the theatrical creation of meaning and ...

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Adler & Gibb – Royal Court Theatre, London

Writer: Tim Crouch Director: Tim Crouch with Karl James and Andy Smith Reviewer: Joanna Trainor Student Louise Mane is presenting her work to be considered for a scholarship, speaking of her admiration and love for the conceptual artist Janet Adler, in 2004. This is interspersed with scenes between a man and a woman ten years later. They stand completely still, ...

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