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X – The Royal Court, London

Jessica Raine and Ria Zmitrowicz in X

Writer:Alistair McDowall Director:Vicky Featherstone Reviewer: Maryam Philpott     Space fascinates and terrifies us in equal measure; we have a need to explore, chart and conquer but the expanse and infinity of Space and what might be lurking in it can make the human race seem inconsequential. So many films and TV shows have been devoted to inter-planetary exploration from ...

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Pomona – Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

Writer: Alistair McDowall Director: Ned Bennett Reviewer: Iain Sykes Alistair McDowall’s Pomona is coming home. Home to the city that bears the desolate island of the title, all cracked concrete, surrounded by canals and tram lines, cut off from the rest of the city by a gated single road in and out. Not that local knowledge adds anything to this ...

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Captain Amazing -Soho Theatre, London

Writer: Alistair McDowall Director: Clive Judd Reviewer: Harry Stern Three brightly coloured boxes and two screens displaying the illustrations of Rebecca Glover, a subtle sound design by Martin Hodgson and very simple lighting by Drummond Orr are all that is needed to support the skillfully understated, yet utterly compelling performance by Mark Weinman. In masterpiece of writing economy Alistair McDowall ...

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NEWS: Manchester’s Royal Exchange face global food crisis with 4 new plays

Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre set to stage four new plays as part of HUNGER FOR TRADE – an international performing arts response to the global food crisis. New pieces of work will be seen at The Studio at the Royal Exchange Theatre from Thursday 24 April to Saturday 3 May.Overseen by the Schauspielhaus in Hamburg, HUNGER FOR TRADE has been ...

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Brilliant Adventures – Royal Exchange Studio, Manchester

Writer: Alistair McDowall Director: Caroline Steinbeis Reviewer: Tracey Lowe [rating:4.5] ‘Brilliant Adventures’ was the recipient of the prestigious Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting in 2011, and Manchester is lucky to the home of the play’s premiere. Straight from the beginning, it is clear to see why this play is award-winning, instantly creating an intriguing world filled with a variety of interesting ...

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Blast Off! – Soho Theatre, London

Curated by Jon Brittain, Lucy Jackson and Claire Turner Reviewer: Deborah Klayman [rating:4] The third such night of sci-fi shorts presented by Misshapen Theatre, this Blast Off! presented six playlets in ninety minutes on a variety of themes from alien abduction to time travel to sinister space pranks. Engaging, well put together and often surprising, this is an excellent evening’s ...

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