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Unspoken – Pleasance Beyond, Edinburgh

Writer: Gary Kitching Director: Phil Hoffman Reviewer: Tom Ralphs The Bravo 22 Company works with wounded, injured and sick Service personnel, veterans and their families. The company supports their recovery through the arts, and their plays draw on the lives of company members. Their current production, Unspoken, is set in a pub where the landlord and customers are all former ...

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Collector of Tears – Washington Arts Centre

Writer: Sean Burn Director: Jackie Fielding Designer: Alison Ashton Reviewer: Charlotte Broadbent Tanya Sealt (played by Madeleine MacMahon) is a woman born before Shakespeare was writing, is burdened with the task of collecting the tears of those whom she has loved and admired throughout her life. She herself has never cried, and a result of this has never aged. She ...

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Canary Gold – Northern Stage, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Writer and director: Carlos Belda Reviewer: Anna Ambelez [Rating:3.5] This production sang like a canary and shone like gold, but was it fool’s gold? The story begins in the 16th century, shifting back and forth to modern day. The song “What would you do with a drunken sailor, what would you do with a merchant banker” encapsulates much of the ...

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Canary Gold – Cramphorn Theatre, Chelmsford

Writer and Creator: The Company Company : Théâtre sans Frontières, with Teatro Tamaska Director : Carlos Belda Reviewer: Michael Gray [Rating:3] A multinational audience for this new and original piece, presented in happy collaboration. It started in Hexham, and is on a small-scale UK tour before setting sail for Tenerife, home of Teatro Tamaska and the much-prized Malmsey wine, which ...

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