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Keep on Walking Federico – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: Mark Lockyer Director: Alice Malin Reviewer: Dominic Corr We will never live to see every truth unearthed. We will never find all which has been buried beneath the grains of sand about our own, our parents and companions lives. No matter how hard we try to uncover these, to ponder them – we just can’t do it. Any familiar ...

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Winter Solstice – Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough

Writer: Roland Schimmelpfennig Translator: David Tushingham Director: Alice Malin Designer: Lizzie Clachan Reviewer: Ron Simpson Roland Schimmelpfennig is apparently one of Germany’s most performed playwrights at the moment, which says a fair bit for the discrimination of the German theatre-going public. Even if it is never easy to assess how a translation might differ from the original, David Tushingham’s version ...

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Winter Solstice – Home Theatre, Manchester

Writer: Roland Schimmelpfennig Translator: David Tushingham Director: Alice Malin Reviewer: Sam Lowe Have we come to watch a rehearsal or a play? The audience is first welcomed with a rehearsal room set, an intriguing design by Lizzie Clachan. We see desk chairs and tables littered with post-it notes, half-full water bottles, highlighters, snacks, and the list goes on. Have they ...

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Fiji Land – Southwark Playhouse, London

Writer: Nick Gill Director Alice Malin Reviewer: Karl O'Doherty Everyone has happy memories. Ones they return to every so often, sometimes on purpose, sometimes spurred on by something seemingly unconnected that brings it all pleasingly rushing back. Unfortunately the same mechanic works for troubling or sad memories. What can provide a warming blanket will also sometimes provide a scratchy, painful ...

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