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Elephant Man – Jack Studio Theatre, Brockley

Writer and director: Steve Green Reviewer: Joanna Trainor   Imprisoned by a cage of wire casing and a material that looks like chain mail, Daniel Chrisostomou’s Elephant Man is at times unbearable to watch. Portraying Joseph Merrick’s deformities like this mean the audience can constantly see the man trapped inside, and at times you are desperate to pull him out ...

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Alice – theSpace on North Bridge, Edinburgh

Writer: Toby Clarke Director: Ailin Conant Reviewer: Anna Ambelez Alice is based on Lewis Carroll’s 1865 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Carroll strove to entertain as well as educate, known for his word play, logic and fantasy, so fine ingredients for a production. Outside, the parameters are set by the ‘Dean’ (Adam Trussell) of the college, stressing how one must be ...

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