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Oedipuss in Boots – Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol

Director: Chris Collier Music & Lyrics: Kid Carpet Puppet maker: Dik Downey Reviewer: Julia Beasley What does a naughty fairytale cat have in common with a mythical Greek hero who was destined to kill his father and marry his mother? Absolutely nothing. This makes Puss in Boots and Oedipus perfect components for the latest offering from the Wardrobe Theatre, who ...

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Birth and Death and Here and Now – Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter

Adam Blake

Devisers: Adam Blake and Adam Fuller Performer: Adam Blake Reviewer: Lucy Corley             While it can’t be faulted for accuracy, the title Birth and Death and Here and Now might sound a little off-putting in its vagueness. Initially, the show itself feels a little too random and unplanned, as solo performer Adam Blake gets up ...

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The Shop of Little Horrors – Weston Studio, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff

Dramaturg: Adam Peck Music: Simon Preston Director: Emma Williams Reviewer: Jacqui Onions Albert Grimlake resides alone inside his workshop, crafting his beloved puppets, with only a ventriloquist’s dummy likeness of his mother for company. As he gets older he feels he can no longer continue with his work alone and advertises for some help. Muppet loving Eric responds and finds ...

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The Shop of Little Horrors – Curve, Leicester

Music: Simon Preston Director: Emma Williams Reviewer: Rebecca Taylor Pickled Image are a unique puppet company who make and perform using very clever puppetry. For this performance there are eight puppets all introduced cleverly throughout the twisted plot and used to perfection to create a slight unease in the audience. The larger puppets are very life-like with varied movements, so ...

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The Shop of Little Horrors – Tobacco Factory Theatre, Bristol

Dramaturgy: Adam Peck Director: Emma Williams Reviewer: Jackson Lawrence [Rating:4.5] Directed by Emma Williams, Pickled Image in association with The North Wall, Oxford, delivers an intelligent work of quirk and abnormality with their recent hit, The Shop of Little Horrors. It is the story of an old man and owner of a puppet shop, Albert Grimlake, in his search for ...

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A Little Nonsense – The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol

Writer: Oliver Hoare Director: Anna Girvan Reviewer: Holly Spanner [rating:3.5] Produced by Juncture Theatre, A Little Nonsense pulls together inspiration from different sources, including David Lynch’s surrealism (affectionately dubbed as “Lynchian” style), Samuel Beckett’s infuriation with language and the trademark deadpan physical comedy of Buster Keaton. Upon entering the theatre, we are greeted by the mischievous Clown, who sits in ...

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