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Stephen K Amos: The Spokesman – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Paul Downham


Stephen K AmosTake the letters of Stephen’s name rearrange them and you get the title of this latest tour, The Spokesman. This is just the first indication that you are in the presence of a very clever comedian playing to a virtually packed house at The Lowry.

The premise of the evening was that of Stephen questioning what it would be like to become a spokesperson for various organisations and to this end at the interval the audience were invited to fill in forms suggesting such organisations which he used during the finale of the night.

A little risqué at times the show direct from the Edinburgh Festival justifies it age 16+ classification due to the subject matter and language used throughout. However you will come away thoroughly entertained and in no way offended by its content.

The topics covered during the impressive 90 minute set were varied to say the least as were the accents Stephen used, some with greater accuracy than others. The show was also full of handy tips and if this reviewer ever finds himself on a train from now on he’ll certainly be taking a George Foreman Grill along for the ride!

Nobody was safe from Amos’ razor sharp wit and observations with even the Royal Family getting an invite to appear on an episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show!

One of the greatest skills engaged during the evening was that of interaction with the audience. One audience member must have foreseen what was to come as after being singled out by warm up Tom Toll as they moved to a safer location in the auditorium before Stephen stepped onto the stage.

This is a very impressive evening of observational comedy interspersed with some priceless audience interactions, some of the best the Lowry has seen. Amos’ ability to switch from storytelling to audience heckling and then return to the original story is a skill he demonstrates with ease.

To round the evening off the audience are asked for requests of their favourite Stephen K Amos jokes which he retells with delight and highlights his loyal and knowledgeable fan base.

The Spokesman tour continues nationwide until February 2014.

Reviewed on 30th October 2013

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