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How would you describe your show in one sentence?
It’s like that moment when, out of nowhere, you suddenly realise, “Oh, I forgot to buy toothpaste”, but instead of “I forgot to buy toothpaste” it’s, “I am a human being, existing in the universe.”

Is this your first visit to Sprint, if so what interesting tales have you been told about what to expect?
As audience members, we’re actually Sprint regulars. We’ve seen some great work at Sprint over the few years we’ve both lived in London so we’re really excited to be a part of it.

How has the show developed on the way to Camden?
We did a scratch version of this performance a year ago and then went back to it after a break and, although the core is still the same, what we have now looks and feels very different. Our show makes heavy use of voice-over so finding a way to create strong audio and visual narratives that support each other has been the main focus. It’s been an experiment, really!

How have you been preparing for Sprint?
We had an intensive development period leading up to a preview of the show at Richmix, during which we worked with Sammy Metcalfe, of Sleepwalk Collective, as a dramaturge. Sammy really freed us up to explore how different actions work with/against the voiceovers. We discovered a lot of humour, but also some very tender moments, and some dark moments. Between that and Sprint we’ve mainly been rehearsing and polishing, but also making a few changes. We’re continually coming up with new ideas that we want to try out in front of an audience and so, usually, every performance is a little different. There’s always at least a small element of trying something out, we feel this keeps things alive.

What do you think sets your show apart from all the other festival offerings?
This year’s programme is looking excellent! But having gone through it thoroughly, we’re pretty sure that ours is the only show dedicated entirely to something which occurs in a millisecond.

What’s the show that you don’t want to miss at this year’s Sprint (apart from your own!)?
Haha, if only we could see our show but sadly we’ll both be on stage! There are many but we’re excited to see Locus Amoenus by Catalan company Atresbandes. It’s fantastic that CPT are bringing this kind of international work to London.

If your show was an item being sold on Camden Market, what would it be?
So, outside a vintage place there’s a basket of old glasses, totally mixed, all different prescriptions. You pick out a pair at random and, somehow, it’s your exact prescription. Except that you didn’t even know that you needed glasses, and this is the first time you are actually seeing the world clearly. Yep. A pair of those.

At One Point runs at Camden’s Sprint Festival on 2 March 2016

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