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Soundtrack Review: Apologies from Men – The People’s Improv Theatre, New York

Writer: Lauren Maul

Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers

Comedian, musician and filmmaker Lauren Maul is releasing an audio album, a video album, and performing live in New York City, all on March 9. Using the content of “apologies” delivered by high-profile men that have been accused of sexual assault and harassment, Maul creates songs and videos using the speakers’ words and personae to drive the comedy of each song.

For anyone that’s feared detaching a retina after hearing the multitude of non-apologies issued by these men, Apologies from Men will be a welcome dose of satire. Maul has created a fun, amusing, and perfectly scathing reaction to the problematic statements issued by these problematic people. Using the crux of their statements, for example Louis C.K.’s, “I never showed a woman my dick without asking first,” as refrains and choruses, Maul’s songs drive home the absurdity and emptiness of the words.

Each song is in a distinctive style and each video has its own vibe. It is worth noting, for anyone that may be triggered or just plain disgusted by the sight of these people, cutouts with the celebrities’ faces on them are the central figures of each video. The videos are charming, kitschy, and just the right amount of inane, but it is worth noting for anyone that cannot handle seeing the faces of these perpetrators that just listening to the songs is an option. Bonus: All profits from the sale of the album go directly to RAINN (America’s largest anti-sexual-violence organization).

Maul is performing each of her original apology songs on March 9 at The People’s Improv Theatre. Between the charm and wit behind these songs, the schadenfreude of seeing those who abused power held to the fire, and the opportunity for a night out to benefit a great organization, Apologies from Men promises to be a fun, unflinching feature of your Friday night.

One-night only: 9 March 2018

Tickets available here.

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