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Slumber – House of Yes, New York

Director: Josh Aviner
Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers

A night at the club turns deadly in Hideaway Circus’ latest piece, Slumber, at the House of Yes in Brooklyn. A cast of extremely talented performers is picked off one-by-one, by one of their own, in this hilariously dark movement theatre piece.

A supernaturally talented ensemble cast of Olga Karmansky, Lee Hubilla, Anya Sapozhnikova, Joren Dawson, Melissa Aguerre, Bokyung Park, and Lisa Sainvil come at the audience from literally all sides in this romp through a Bushwick club. With amazing aerial acts, contortion, acrobatics, tumbling, break dancing, and clever audience interaction, this piece almost makes one feel bad for enjoying murder so very much. Hubilla takes the lead as the odd girl out that snaps and picks off her friends one at a time. She is charming and funnyin her interactions with the audience, and quick on her feet with both physical and verbal improvisation. She is the merry murderess that the audience loves to love. There is not a lot of discernible hate in this room.

The physical performances of the cast work seamlessly into the storytelling. Karmansky’s contortion and inversions, Sapozhnikova and Aguerre’s trapeze work, Dawson’s pole and floor work, and Park and Sainvil’s dance areseeminglyeffortlessand breathtaking. The ensemble is incredible, and under director Josh Aviner’s guidance, rules the performance space with fervor and delight. The only puzzling factor of this productionis that it touts itself as a Choose Your Own Adventure play, and though there is some audience interaction, it is difficult to discern at what point the decision was made, as to what adventures were chosen. It is a small detail, and the only one that leftthe audience with questions at the end.

Slumber is anything but a sleepy experience. A talented cast, a compelling story, phenomenal physical performances, and rollicking energy are a winning combination at the House of Yes.

Runs until 6 November 2016 | Image: John Dolan

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