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Slava’s Snow Show – Royal Festival Hall, London

Writer &creator: Slava Polunin

Director: Victor Kramer

Reviewer: Elizabeth Vile


SLAVAS SNOWSHOW returns for a UK Tour in 2013. Image by V. Vial (3)Returning to the Royal Festival Hall for a third season Slava’s Snow Show is a beautifully crafted yet disturbing show that catapults the audience into a dream-like experience that assaults the senses. Audience participation is compulsory as is a fun and playful approach to life which makes this production perfect for all children as well as adults who need to get back in touch with their inner child.

A rag tag group of clowns engage the audience through their use of movement, gesture, facial expression and personalities as they play with and explore each other and a range of everyday items. Their joy and sensitivity towards these objects is riveting and when matched with evocative and loud music the effect is unexpectedly powerful. There is no story as such, just a string of short but impressive scenes that seamlessly segway into each other but through them the audience begin to empathise with the clowns (especially the yellow clown) and feel their joy and pain as if it was their own.

The ideas within this piece range from the simplistic, a ball suspended from the ceiling by string, to the sophisticated and overwhelming finale that used a range of technical elements to create a mind blowing finish. This was a true ensemble piece, each performer working seamlessly with each other to create an unpredictable, funny and at times very moving show. For many members of the audience they had never experienced or participated in an event like it. Having clowns climbing over the seats where you were sitting, being blinded by light and paper and finally participating in the largest ball game ever are events that everyone should experience.

Although not necessarily a Christmas Show it fits in perfectly with the idea of Christmas and injected the spirit of fun and play into every member of the audience, a great and unique night out that will leave you buzzing with joy, warmth and a tenderness of heart.

Photo: V Vial

Runs until 6th January

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