Sex Education Explorers [S.E.X.] – Platform, Easterhouse

Reviewer: Lauren Humphreys

Writer: Mamoru Iriguchi

The world is awash with discussion on gender identity and fluidity and rightly so. Mamoru Iriguchi’s Sex Education Xplorers [S.E.X] is a timely, joyous, though-provoking, time-travelling exploration of difficult subject matter: the evolution of sex, gender and biology.

Framed as a high school sex-ed lesson for 14 year olds. There are some glorious, hand-made, eye-popping props which brilliantly interact with the on-set screen. Behind the zany antics and general silliness, S.E.X. isn’t afraid to confront some thought-provoking issues. Iriguchi takes us on a roller-coaster evolutionary journey. It presents the information as scientific fact, ultimately making us question, why in the face of science and history, gender has to be so binary. It offers us the alternatives: egg-ers, sperm-ers, both-ers and neither-ers.

It also takes a serious and emotional turn as it nears the end. Each member of the team sharing their intersexual lived experiences: Iriguchi himself coming out at 35 and moving 25 years ago from Japan to the UK to enjoy sexual freedom, Sam finally feeling comfortable in their own skin after many years.

Sex Education Xplorers is a warm, information-packed, debate-inducing, joyful, original hour of theatre celebrating our diverse and unique gender identities and sexualities. Well worth watching for audiences of all ages.

Reviewed on 16 September 2023 and continues touring | Image: Contributed

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