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Sean Lock: Purple Van Man – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Laura Orton


Sean LockThe British Comedy Award winner Sean Lock is back at the Lowry for the second time with his revised and improved Purple Van Man tour. Wearing his rather dapper purple suit (which is the only reference to the title during this bizarre haphazard show), he looks at every day ideas but from an angle you wouldn’t have thought possible.

Lock offers observational comedy with a hint of the absurd and surreal as he flits about between subjects that no other person could make flow together. Who else would be able to link the humble Christmas cracker with impending Chinese world domination? Or who could start a story about using the phrase “Jesus Christ!” too often, and end that story pretending to be a centaur with the body being backwards? And not to mention, who could suggest all Atheists are Jimmy Saville sympathisers and get away with it?! But Lock can. And he does it well. He flows effortlessly from one oddity to the next in a way that almost convinces you this way of thinking is normal.

Lock is far more physical than you would expect if you’ve not seen him live before. The panel shows he features in on television have restricted this side to him when he’s sat behind a desk. It is fun to watch him prancing about on stage acting out a moth on a light bulb, or a drunken girl with her knickers pulled down. It takes his act up an extra notch and goes to show that Lock is truly an all-round comic.

There are elements of Locks personal life on display among the absurd which is really refreshing to see. He talks often about his wife and kids who are clearly a huge influence on his work. He speaks about his children asking science questions that he doesn’t know the answer to so he just makes them up (Velcro is really just grass found on the moon) or his mrs thinking that he would actually want a bird of prey experience day as a Christmas present just because he once pointed a buzzard out to her in the run up to the festive period.

Without giving any spoilers, the encore is brilliant. Lock manages to pull together the best ideas of the show for a roaringly funny and physical finale, giving the audience exactly what they want.

The blurb for this show promises to ‘make you laugh like a drunken horse’. Lock is spot on about this. He is without a doubt one of the best comedians in Britain at the moment and this show is testament to that.

Runs until 21st September 2013

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