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The Verdict – King’s Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: Barry Reed Adaptor: Margaret May Hobbs Director: Michael Lunney Reviewer: Edie Ranvier 1980s novel and film The Verdict takes on a new life as a stage production this week at Edinburgh’s King’s Theatre, adapted from Barry Reed’s book and David Mamet’s film script by Margaret May Hobbs. Though, perhaps, it would be more appropriate to call it a new ...

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Sherlock Holmes and the Sign of Four – Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh

Based on the novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Writer & Director: Nick Lane Reviewer: Dominic Corr Missing jewels, murder, romance and a chap with a wooden leg. If it wasn’t Sherlock Holmes, it would have to be something equally as impossible. Sherlock Holmes and the Sign of Four has our residents of Baker Street encounter Watson's future wife Mary ...

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Locker Room Talk – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: Gary McNair Director: Orla O’Loughlin Post Show facilitator: Dr Holly Davis Reviewer: Dominic Corr There are few things more powerful than a word, spoken or otherwise. The championed word shouted on the streets and in the press can have the widest impact both for resistance and oppression. The most dangerous word is the one they didn’t want you to ...

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The Tailor of Inverness – Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh

Writer: Matthew Zajac Director: Ben Harrison Reviewer: Dominic Corr War and all of its travesties will never be understood. From the British perspective – we were the heroes, they the villains. When presented with people quite literally in the bootstraps of the opposition many are unable to connect. The stories told by people leaving the Third Reich behind are sometimes ...

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What Girls Are Made Of – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: Cora Bisset Director: Orla O’Loughlin Reviewer: Dominic Corr Can you smell the chippy? Visualise the iconic image of Patti Smith’s ‘looks could kill’ photo? What about the stale sweat of a grunge bands’ van? Well, after Scottish theatrical wonder Cora Bisset’s autobiographical gig What Girls Are Made Of you’ll have no issues doing so. The multi-layered performance sees Bisset’s ...

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Abigail’s Party – King’s Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: Mike Leigh Designer: Janet Bird Director: Sarah Esdaile Reviewer: Gareth Davies Mike Leigh's classic piece of retro social satire made a star of its original lead actress and remains one of the writer-director's best known and most recognised works. So ingrained are its late-seventies social symbols and pop culture references that it's all but impossible to remember that these ...

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Annie – King’s Theatre, Glasgow

Book: Thomas Meehan Music: Charles Strouse Lyrics: Martin Charnin Director: Nikolai Foster Reviewer: Molly Knox Annie at the King’s Theatre presents a dynamic, sharp and vibrant production of a beloved story of a plucky orphan’s resolve and hope in finding her parents, in the face of greed, spite and bitterness. Director Nikolai Foster’s vision of the show is a similar ...

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dressed. – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

woman festooned in silk clothing

Co-created by: Josie Dale-Jones, Lydia Higginson, Nobahar Mahdavi & Olivia Norris Reviewer: Dominic Corr As reviewers, we have a duty to treat the subjects surrounding the Me-Too movement and rape with individual respect. No longer resigning them to a sub-category of themes. Every production invites us to hear experiences, told in a multitude of fashions. They can be direct, symbolic, ...

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