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Saucy Jack And the Space Vixens – Leicester Square Theatre, London

Book: Charlotte Mann

Lyrics: Charlotte Mann &Michael Fidler

Music: Jonathan Croose &Robin Forrest

Director and Choreographer: Stuart Saint

Musical Director: Tom Barnes

Reviewer: Christopher Owen


Saucy-JackSaucy Jack and the Space Vixens is a disco inspired Murder Mystery, based in the Space cabaret club ‘Saucy Jacks’. When the club’s star performers start being found dead, the crime fighting superstar Space Vixens arrive to see what’s what. All is not what it seems; pasts get stirred up, relationships blossom and Stars are born in this musical, which leans more to the adult entertainment genre than traditional comedy musical theatre.

The show is littered with enough puerile humour, non subtle sexual innuendo and pelvic gyration to sink a battleship, which throughout the show wears thin; but with pun filled character names such as ‘Bunny Lingus’, ‘Chesty Prospects’ and ‘Anna Labia’ not much more should be expected on the inventiveness front. However the pure energy, great comic timing (Kate Malyon excels here) and commitment that the super talented cast throw into their performances is infectious. The original disco themed score is catchy and uplifting and even when paired with the plainest of rhyming lyrics still holds its own. The material in the second half is much better than the first, both in content, humour level and execution and the finale is very uplifting.

The Lounge space at the Leicester Square Theatre has been reconfigured to represent Saucy Jacks’ club, with a catwalk separating the audience into two, with some audience at the end of the runway bunched around a pole. This means that, due to there being many obstructions in the form of pillars and sightlines being affected, many of the seats end up being partially restricted view. The sound levels also cause a big problem for the production. The backing music is pumped up so high in the speakers that it renders a lot of the singing inaudible, especially when only two performers are on a microphone and the rest of the cast are singing without amplification. The cast do have strong vocals, in particular Jamie Birkett and Leanne Jones, who each show how powerful they can be throughout the show, however the audio mix needs to be improved.

While Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens is not for everyone – certainly not the family crowd, there is a big market for this brash, un-apologetic, rude humoured musical in London at the moment. While it may not live up to the standard set by other shows at off West End venues, such as Southwark Playhouse, or the Union theatre, The Leicester Square Lounge has a riotous, rowdy Summer resident here in the form of the Glitter boot wearing, LED waving Space Vixens. A fun night out (which is maybe suited to a later than 7.30 crowd) which will have your toes tapping and put a smile on your face. You may even leave wearing glitter boots.

Runs until 15h September


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