Sauce – Bewley’s Café Theatre, Dublin

Reviewer: David Keane

Writer: Ciara Elizabeth Smyth

Director: Jeda de Brí

In South Dublin suburbia two women serendipitously become part of each other’s chaotic lives. Maura (Camille Lucy Ross) has just discovered that her marriage is in a worse state than she could ever have imagined. She tries to soothe herself with junk food and every conceivable condiment, not to mention petty theft and shoplifting from charity shops. The very recently bereaved Mella (Clodagh Mooney Duggan) has found herself suddenly on the verge of homelessness; for once it’s a situation she cannot lie her way out of. Also fond of appetising indulgences, Mella too seeks solace in calorific treats. Lumped together in a time of need, they must figure out how to fix themselves while they make amends with the world around them.

Ross and Mooney Duggan bounce from one exuberant character to the next as they deliver Ciara Elizabeth Smyth’s sharp and fast paced script. Flipping through a variety of roles, including a nasty uncle, a sleazy solicitor, and the local gossip, they manage to keep each persona packed full of quirk and humour. The laughs only tone down to give way to more heartfelt moments, when this unlikely duo bare a little of their souls in an effort to understand each other, explain their actions, and shed some light on their unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Directed by Jeda de Brí, Sauce moves at an almost frantic speed with impeccable timing and delivery throughout its 60 minute running time. The whirlwind friendship of Maura and Mella provides continuous laughs while never straying far from the underlying unhappiness of their circumstances. At least for now they have each other. And sauce.

Not suitable for younger audiences.

Runs until 05 February 2022

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