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Russell Kane: Right Man, Wrong Age Tour – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Lauren Maughan

Russell Kane’s latest stand-up show is classic Kane. It’s funny, hyperactive and jam-packed with funny stories and laugh-out-loud gags. But this time, he’s grown-up. Long gone are the Ibiza partying days with the “lads”. Kane is a mature adult. He’s married and has just entered fatherhood. Right Age, Wrong Man takes us through Kane’s early years up to adulthood in a comedic journey.

The show is split into two halves. There’s no need for a warm-up act, Kane does all the hard work himself. In the first half he sets the scene for the rest of the evening, and it’s all in the lead up to the big event which turned him into a man.

Kane’s got the crowd in his hand. His Mancunian impressions are a hit with the Salford crowd, and his ‘Oasis’ and ‘Manchester’ outbursts are a particular hit. He interacts well with the audience, he asks them questions about their family life and pays particular interest with the couples in the crowd. It would help if you were at the same stage of life as Kane, a couple with a new born child. But you don’t have to be. You’ll still find this show funny no matter what age you are. That’s the appeal of Kane.

Before he gets to the main event, Kane takes us back to his youth. His late father’s cracking one-liners make great gags. He was an alfa homosexual male, who would get angry when a fly landed on his ploughman’s. So you can imagine there’s some hilarious stories of Kane’s camp tendencies. Especially the time where he was caught applying fake tan in a thong, while listening and performing to musicals. If only his father knew he was doing this to impress the girls at school, he might not have acquired the nickname Gaytan. Kane’s tales of Slimming World are hilarious too. Is there anything this man can’t make funny?

In the second half of the show, it’s all about the main event. The moment Kane grew up. He tells us of his relationship with his wife and how they decided to try for a baby. If you want tips on how to conceive a girl, or why not to wear fake tan when you first hold your child (don’t worry they’ve probably not got jaundice) then it’s a useful education.

At this stage in Kane’s life, it’s all about family. Now he’s married, he talks about the moments families all come together. His explanations about the different characters in his family are comedic genius. There’s the one who styles out an accidental fart, the couple who think they’re from Cheshire and the straight talking atheist ones. It’s all topped off with the image of them all playing Articulate at Christmas, and the hilarious acting out of the word bustard.

The tales of Kane becoming a father are quite moving. He’s made up with his baby daughter (otherwise known as the milk slug) and he’s taken to fatherhood perfectly. We’re just pleased he came to Salford to share his hilarious tales.

Well done Gaytan, you’ve done it again!

Reviewed on 28 May, 2016

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