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Rose McGowan: Planet 9 – Assembly Hall, Edinburgh

Writer: Rose McGowan

Insightfully, this is a wholly different Rose McGowan than perhaps one may envision from the media. Preconceptions about Planet 9 will be rife, this is not an in-depth examination of #MeToo culture, nor a ‘tell-all tale’ which the jackals may pounce towards. Instead, it’s an open, free moving event where McGowan encourages meditation.

An accompanying album to her book Brave, McGowan views the two as hand-in-hand. Planet 9 doesn’t have the substance to go the full course, it is an accoutrement. Rather than answering questions, it’s there to encourage us to reflect in spoken word, and wonder why these are the questions we want answers too. Brave was an outlet of McGowan’s anger at the abusive power of men in Hollywood, Planet 9 is a safe space to re-evaluate.

Daughter of a cult leader, with her flowing white robes, trance-hypnotic tones and repetitious imagery, there’s a nod at the culture she grew in, and the fame-hungry culture we find ourselves feasting upon.

McGowan’s voice is strikingly powerful and there’s an undercurrent of emotional intelligence, it’s just a shame some of the notes mismatch the style of the song she’s going for.

We’re just scratching the surface in Planet 9, McGowan herself is testing a formula outside of Hollywood’s talons. It’s a new piece with kinks to iron out, particularly the audio balance with spoken word – we lose many tail-end conversations as the music interrupts. With time, we’ll all find our Planet 9, McGowan understands how she wants to be perceived but needs moulding to illuminate a wider audience.

Runs until 18 August 2019 | Image: Jane Barlow

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