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Rocky Horror Show – Grand Opera House, York

Writer: Richard O’Brian

Music and Lyrics: Richard O’Brian

Director: Christopher Luscombe

Choreographer: Nathan M Wright

Reviewer: Ruth Jepson


The Rocky Horror ShowWhat words can you use to describe The Rocky Horror Show that haven’t already been used a hundred times before? Camp, kitsch, queer, loud? All used many times, and all definitely correct! Following the performance at York Grand Opera House last night, you could also add rollacking, amazing and a damned good night out.

The Rocky Horror Show tells the story of Brad (Sam Attwater) and Janet (Roxanne Pallett), two young, wholesome lovers caught out in the rain. They find a big, spooky house and decide that’d be a very safe place to go look for a phone, as you do. They stumble into, well, the weirdest baby shower ever is probably the best way to describe it – you see, homeowner Frank N Furter (Oliver Thornton) has been making himself a man…

Highlights of the show include old favourites The Timewarp, a guaranteed get-on-your-feet number; Damn It Janet and Sweet Transvestite, which will have you in a frenzy. The latter is especially fantastic givng Thornton chance to whip up the audience with his well drawn out moment of antici… *cue longest pause in musical theatre history*…PATION.

You’ll get that when you see it.

Lesser sung numbers such as There’s A Light and Superheroes will also get you going. Of particular note in this performance was Ceris Hine’s suprisingly operatic trilling at the end of When Eddie Said He Didn’t Like His Teddy. Pleasingly there isn’t one weak member of either cast or crew, and the excellently cheesy B movie style acting, singing and dancing is beautifully framed with a quirky set, rock show lighting and all the well loved costumes from the movie.

The Rocky Horror Show is probably one of the best known musicals alive today. Spawned from the twisted mind of Richard O’Brien and having stared a multitude of big names over the years, including Tim Rice, Meat Loaf and all the cast recognisable from the cult film, you go in expecting to be blown away by things you’re not really sure you understand. And that’s just the audience. Yes, this is the one show in town where you’ll be looked at oddly if you’re NOT in fancy dress and yelling at the stage – although patrons in York last night could have gotten much more into the spirit. So grab your corset and fishnets (even you men) and come up to the lab, to see what’s on the slab. You will NOT be disappointed.

Runs until Saturday 13th April in York, then touring


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