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How would you describe your show in one sentence?

It’s an insight into male companionship explored through the means of experimental circus acrobatics and physical theatre.

Is this your first visit to the Pulse Festival, if so what interesting tales have you been told about what to expect?

Yes, first time to Pulse for us boys. By the looks of things it is a very exciting festival giving emerging theatre (like us) a chance to strut our stuff. Very happy too that our pretty faces will be taking part. Thanks!

How has the show developed on the way to Ipswich?

Oh boy, if you had seen the show when we first ever performed it during Edinburgh Fringe ’14… The finishing touches to Bromance were made so close to the performance date that our first show was also our first dress run combined. The nerves were real. However, over time and the experience of performing the show many times, including the London International Mime Festival and Adelaide Fringe, the show has developed a mammoth amount. But you would only truly know if you had seen the show then and saw it again now! And a shout out to the most amazing Di Robson of DREAM and also Crying Out Loud for making the process as smooth sailing and comfortable for us as possible.

How have you been preparing for Pulse?

Sushi and Noodle soup. This prepares us for every task…

Oh yes, rehearsals and training too.

What do you think sets your show apart from all the other Pulse offerings?

Well as far as I am aware, there are no other circus shows appearing in this year’s festival. Looks like there are some great dance pieces as far as physical theatre is concerned, mind.

It is always nice to have audience members who are not yet aware of contemporary circus and still have that preconceived image of circus being in a traditional big top with sawdust and elephants, played out by that same old cliché tune that people sing when they hear the word ‘Circus’, “Did-did-diddle-id…”.

This means they will learn on that evening of seeing Bromance how circus skills can be used to narrate and tell a story just as much as dance or dialogue can. Not to say that all of what traditional circus represents is lost though…we still aim for them gasps!

What’s the show that you don’t want to miss at this year’s Pulse (apart from your own!)?

The Spalding Suite, saw a trailer for this and it looks super cool. And This is How We Die because that dude has the same haircut as me.

If your show was an animal what type of animal would it be?

A little Bear (I will provide no explanation, all will become clear once you have seen the show)

Beren D’Amico – Barely Methodical troupe


Bromance plays at the Pulse Festival, Ipswich on Thursday 28 May.

For more information visit www.pulseipswich.co.uk

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