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PODCAST REVIEW: Babble & Froth

Reviewer: Miriam Sallon

Writers: Nick Bacash and Rebecca Jo Hanbury

Over the past year, with many of us working from home, only really talking to colleagues about actual work, we’ve been missing that quintessential office experience: watercooler moments. Catching up on the seeming minutiae, hearing about someone’s boyfriend or their flatmate, or even who they think the office tupperware thief is (we all know it’s Steve, but we all hate Mark, so it’s probably Mark.) In short, we are missing the gossip.

Babble & Froth offers a kind of remedy to this. In fun-size 8–12-minute episodes, we sit in on random snippets of conversation, hearing about two women’s night-before drunken drama, someone buying a second-hand laptop, or a man’s anxiety in his thrupple relationship (that one’s pretty juicy!)

Besides the first episode, it’s fairly lacking in covid chat, which is a relief. It’s nice to have a vague sense of normality as we play fly-on-the-wall in a café scenario that is mostly currently illegal – indoors, drinking coffee, with someone from another household?! We wouldn’t dream of it!

The scripts could maybe do with a bit more crunch – it’s very gentle listening, and despite the sometimes weighty subject matter, everyone’s generally very pleasant. But it’s a pretty small bone to pick, particularly as writers and creators Nick Bacash and Rebecca Jo Hanbury have neither created nor worked on a podcast before, and did so in lockdown.

With no episode passing the 12-minute mark, these ditty conversations are really ideal listening at the moment, particularly if, as with this writer, your attention span has dwindled to near nothingness in the past few months. Sure, it’s not quite the same as hearing a sliver of gossip about people you know, but it’s a nice fix for now, at least until the tupperware drama can resume.

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