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Piff the Magic Dragon in Jurassic Bark – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Tracey Lowe


Piff the Magic Dragon first came to the British public’s attention on Penn and Teller’s ITV magic show, ‘Fool Us’. While he didn’t manage to dupe the experienced tricksters, Piff certainly made an impression with his bright green costume and his sidekick, Mr Piffles, his extremely cute Chihuahua.

The running story of the Jurassic Bark, Piff’s first major UK tour show, is Piff’s pursuit of a princess, which on this occasion is an incredibly game volunteer, Hayley, who spent the majority of the show on the stage. Through a series of tests he must ascertain whether Hayley is a worthy princess, with tasks such as detecting a pea under some cushions.

The show was not as well attended as one would have hoped. However, this doesn’t really matter to Piff. His sarcastic, dead-pan delivery is completely at odds with his vibrant costume, but it really works. The tricks themselves aren’t exactly visually breath-taking, but that’s not the point. Piff successfully entertains the crowd with card tricks, sleight of hand and comedy. And it doesn’t hurt that Mr Piffles is absolutely adorable.

Too many magicians are concerned with making magic seem cool. More often than not, magic isn’t cool; it’s just fun. Piff should be applauded for getting rid of some of the unnecessary sheen, and injecting some much needed merriment into the form.

Reviewed on 30th October 2012


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