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Welcome to our new series ‘Performer Playlist‘ where performers from across all areas of theatre and live entertainment share with us the five songs that are currently helping them get through Lockdown/Isolation.  Each performer will share with us their thoughts on each song and why it means so much to them, they will also share with us a unique cover version of one of the five selected songs performed in any style they wish.

Launching the series today is London-based, Half-Mauritian, Teesside-bred Actor/Musician Phil Adèle, He moved to London to attend Drama School and graduated from Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in 2009.

Since training, he has appeared in a variety of plays, musicals and tours including; Little Shop Of Horrors (UK Tour), Handbagged (English Theatre Frankfurt), Invisible Man (Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch), Our Town (Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre) and on TV Red Dwarf (Dave) and several other notable appearances.

Alongside the Acting career, Phil is a music-obsessed, multi-instrumentalist and so is excited to take part in The Reviews Hub Performers Playlist and share some music with you all.

Phil’s Performer Playlist

The Beatles – Here Comes The Sun

Everything about this song just speaks of optimism for me. From the bright and melodic guitar intro, right through to the lyrics this is a song that to me speaks of weathering the storm and trusting that there’ll be brighter days ahead.  It’s a song of positivity and hope and it achieves it with such relative simplicity that it serves as a reminder to me currently to try and not over-complicate matters and to try and just take things a day at a time.

Jeff Buckley – Grace

Anyone that knows me would have been able to pick this one for me.  This song is pure escapism for me.  The sonic journey of this track is epic and I find it impossible to not get lost and wrapped up in it whenever I hear it. It’s taken from the album of the same name which is quite possibly my favourite album of all time.  If you’ve not heard it, I can’t encourage you enough to go take a listen.

Frank Turner – Get Better

I mean, just listen to it. It’s a song about going through tough times, helping each other get through it and finding a way to improve and “get better” despite the odds being stacked against us.  I love the energy and determination in vocal.  It’s almost got a defiant arrogance to it and right now, it’s giving me the push I need to make sure I’m doing all I can to get through each day in the best way I can (whatever that means on any given day).

The Decemberists – Everything Is Awful

Not only is it impossible to be positive all the time, I actually think it’s quite unhelpful to try and be. Sometimes it has to just be about feeling how you feel and accepting that being overwhelmed, down and feeling defeated by everything that’s going on is just going to be the reality some days. Feeling bad, down, upset or depressed doesn’t mean you aren’t “doing well” and it’s all equally important to process. So this is a song that I love for that exact reason.  It’s a chirpy and cheerful acceptance that things are a bit shit right now and I think that’s every bit as important as all the other ways of coping.

Foo Fighters – My Hero

Taken from another of my favourite albums, this song is a celebration of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  I don’t think there’s a time in my life where I have been more appreciative of the wonder that is our NHS. From receptionists, nurses, doctors, carers, cleaners… everyone.  I’m blown away.  All essential workers are putting themselves at risk for the good and well- being of everyone in this country and I will never be appreciative enough.  So this is a song in recognition of the day to day heroics of people that we have often taken for granted.  Who knows where we’d be at without them, its because of this that I have chosen My Hero as my cover song to share with you all.

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