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Welcome to our new series ‘Performer Playlist‘ where performers from across all areas of theatre and live entertainment share with us the five songs that are currently helping them get through Lockdown/Isolation.  Each performer will share with us their thoughts on each song and why it means so much to them, they will also share with us a unique cover version of one of the five selected songs performed in any style they wish.

Today’s playlist comes from Keoni Blockx, Originally born in Belgium, Keoni studied Musical Theatre at Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. After graduating in 2017, he followed up his BA with attending The Royal Academy of Music in London to get his Masters in Musical Theatre. After graduating, Keoni joined the Les Misérables UK/Ireland tour as part of the ensemble and cover Grantaire.

Aside from being an Actor, Keoni is also a multi-instrumentalist . He is exploring the Actor-Muso path at the moment and loves experimenting with re-writing material as he has done for you with his cover.

Keoni’s Performer Playlist

Java Jive – Ringmasters

I start off my day with this song. It gets me in the right mood. I’ve always been in love with barbershop music, but these guys are something else! “Perfection” is something I usually don’t find Interesting in art, except in this genre of music. Also, check out their Hunchback Of The Notre Dame medley and When You Wish Upon A Star. These Swedish singers are really the masters of ringing, unbelievable.

Let There Be Rock – ACDC

ACDC is the first band that I listened to and thought ‘What is hard rock and metal actually about?’ And I’ve never looked back ever since. ACDC’s got a special place in my heart because I use to play their songs with my band in Belgium and we all went to see them live! Let There Be Rock is a beautiful example of how simple a song can be. 4 chords, 1 drum groove, a super-strong but easy lyric with 5 minutes of headbanging guitar solos. So grab your air guitar, and let’s go!

Origin Of Love – Hedwig And The Angry Inch

The story in this song is SO beautiful. I love how songs like these paint pictures for you and you can let yourself get taken on the journey of the song. I think Hedwig And The Angry Inch is an amazing show that’s got beautiful themes and a timeless message. Hedwig is my No.1 dream role, so if there’s a producer who could get the rights, maybe we can get a lockdown – Live stream – production going?

Caravan – John Wasson

This song is the theme song from the film Whiplash. The film tells the story of a drummer going to one of the best schools in the country and the pressure that comes along with it. When I think about what I and millions of fellow performers and artists have gone through during training, it reminds me of how strong we are as a community. If we could survive drama school, conservatory, ballet academy or that one teacher that absolutely hated your guts, we can get though these difficult times.

Times Like These – Foo Fighters

I chose to cover Times like These by Foo Fighters because it’s got such an inspiring message. Foo songs are amazing. My Hero, Walk and The Pretender are some of my favourite songs because they have such powerful lyrics.


Thank you so much for taking the time to go through my list, I hope you’ll have fun listening to the songs. Stay safe, stay healthy and if you ever want to have a chat about music, contact me!

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