Pansexual Pregnant Piracy – Soho Theatre, London

Reviewer: Monica Cox

Creators: Eleanor Colville, Rosanna Suppa and Robbie Taylor Hunt

Director: Robbie Taylor Hunt

Pansexual Pregnant Piracyoffers a joyous retelling of Irish pirate Anne Bonny’s adventurous life through a captivating cabaret-pantomime style, enriched with original music and a versatile ensemble of four.

Eleanor Colville, Rosanna Suppa, and Robbie Taylor Hunt demonstrate remarkable creative synergy, weaving witty lyrics seamlessly with sharp dialogue that navigates through dynamic character arcs. The production’s greatest feat lies in its ability to infuse a well-known narrative with both humour and tenderness.

Tailored for millennials, the show cleverly incorporates reference gags while the LGBTQIAP+ community will find resonance in its intersectional exploration of gender and sexuality. Despite occasional challenges with articulation or music levels, the tightness of the writing ensures that the audience hangs on every word.

Suppa shines as the charming lead, holding the audience in the palm of their hand. Taylor Hunt is a fabulous parrot sidekick, Elizabeth Chu delivers a warm-hearted portrayal as Bonny’s lover, complemented by Colville’s eccentric depiction of a kooky captain. Though the acting occasionally verges on being slightly undone, it adds to the charm of the pantomime-style direction, enhancing the vibrancy of the narrative.

Caitlin Mawhinney’s sparkly backcloths provide a fittingly camp backdrop to the unfolding shenanigans, while standout costumes and quirky props inject new layers of life and humour into the production. Paired with Catja Hamilton’s colourfully cabaret-style lighting, the visual elements maintain a sharp pace throughout.

Whether it’s a silly sex scene, an absurd bit or a funny remark, this fantastically ridiculous and uproarious show will have you laughing out loud, energised and hooked (pun intended) from start to end.

Runs until 13 April 2024

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Fantastically ridiculous

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