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Now Listen To Me Very Carefully – Home, Manchester

Writer: Andy Roberts

Divisors: Andy Roberts &James Baker

Reviewer: Matt Forrest

“I’ll be back”: probably the most famous of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s lines. It was first uttered in The Terminator and said by the big man in no less than 14 of his films. It’s up there with the line “Screw you!” from Total Recall as the most ‘classic’ Arnie line. However it’s one of Arnie’s lesser regarded zingers which lend to tonight’s show: Now Listen To Me Very Carefully: One man’s homage to his favourite film of all time – Terminator 2.

Andy Roberts has seen the sci-fi classic 238 times no less and his love affair with the film shows no signs of ending any time soon. In a bid to conquer his addiction, Roberts has decided he needs to share his love for the cinematic masterpiece by recreating the film: aided and abetted by fellow Bootsworks Theatre Collective performer, James Baker and a very willing audience. Opening with what can only be described as a spot of therapy, Roberts and the audience engage in shouting “Get out the way John” in all manner of accents and style: a sort of limbering up before the big performance and now like Roberts we’ve heard this line 238 times.

The show has everything: a high-speed car chase, a danger filled shootout. The action clicks into another gear as Baker enters the arena dressed as the T1000. Audience members are asked to play their part, from a film quiz (I won a Jammie Dodger), to committing torture onfellow audience member – some lucky punter even gets to be Arnie for a few scenes.

This is good-natured silly fun – a chance to leave your cares at the door and immerse yourself in a genuine Hollywood blockbuster as seen through the eyes of Roberts and Baker. However there is much more to Now Listen To Me Very Carefully. This is a coming of age story about family bonds and the struggles of teenage love: among the chaos and absurdity is a genuinely sweet, touching story as Roberts’s family all muck in to help with the production.

Knowledge of the film would help but is not essential: the key thing is to just let your hair down and embrace the good natured silliness of it all: if you follow these instructions then I’m sure you’ll be back! (Sorry).

In addition Now Listen To Me Very Carefully; Bootsworks will also be showcasing The Many Doors of Frank Feelbad, at Home on Sunday 10th July: a show for all the family, audiences’ young and old alike will join Frank as he embarks on a journey to find his mum. If the show is half as entertaining as Now Listen To Me Very Carefully, then I’m sure it will be a cracker.

Runs until 9 July, 2016 | Photo: Alex Brenner

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