Nournimity – Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Reviewer: Louise Tallon

Concept, composition and electronics: Lucia Kilger

Flutes / performance: Lina Andonovska

Dance / performance: Ria Rehfuss

There is no dictionary definition for the word ‘nournimity’ and no explanation can be found anywhere in the promotional literature for tonight’s performance, so this show is intriguing from the outset.

Three diverse and exceptional talents have come together to produce a unique and interesting multi-sensory experience. That its world premiere is being held in our own Project Arts Centre here in Temple Bar, for one night only, makes ‘Nournimity’ the hottest ticket in town.

A member of four-time Grammy Award-winning ensemble ‘Eighth Blackbird’, Australian flautist, Lina Andonovska is lauded not only for her acuity of vision regarding new music but also as an orchestral player and concerto soloist. Germany based Ria Rehfuss has a background in contemporary dance and ‘Rhythmik’ music and movement. Lucia Kilger, who works out of Cologne, is a composer, sound director and media artist specialising in cross-disciplinary collaborations with other creatives.

The performance begins in near darkness. Andonovska plays a rare, custom made Eva Kingma contrabass flute. The instrument has tubing measuring over 15 feet and sounds low, almost like a tuba. Confluent in the otherworldly beats of music, Rehfuss unfurls from the floor in ultra slow and controlled contortions. Her extensions are measured and meticulously defined. The costume is a wondrous creation culminating in and attached to a hoop which becomes the prop for this piece.

Except for an occasional spotlight on the artists, the stage remains dark. Andonovska switches to what appears to be a concert flute. Divested of her fragmented robe, Rehfuss executes a magical act using feathers in a form of contact juggling which wouldn’t be amiss at Cirque du Soleil. Meanwhile the audience is immersed in a bath of sound with notes suggesting different things to different people, I’m sure. For my part, I interpreted and envisioned rainfall, the drumming of a death march and wind whistling through a desert or interplanetary plains.

The next section introduces the marvellous contribution by Lucia Kilger. In a truly mesmerising turn, Rehfuss, like a rhythmic gymnast, commands batons of luminous and pulsating ropes of changing lights. Their colourful, writhing, knotty dance is hypnotic in the darkness.

To experience ‘Nournimity’ is to feel as though you’re part of a living, breathing art installation. This show defies genre or categorisation. It may not entertain a general audience but will have great appeal for those interested in a conceptual, sensory adventure through wonderful contemporary music and movement and a technically impressive, phantasmagorical display of light.

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