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The Audit – The Lowry, Salford

Writers: Andrew Westerside, Rachel Baynton and Gillian Lees Director: Andrew Westerside Reviewer: Sam Lowe Gillian Lees stands behind a glass lecturn and acknowledges the entering audience. An image reminiscent of a politician about to make an important speech. However, what you can really sense is Proto-type Theatre's burning anger and passion, as they have a lot of things they want ...

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The Kite Runner – Liverpool Playhouse

Writer: Khaled Hosseini Adapter: Matthew Spangler Director: Giles Croft Reviewer: Charlie Senate After hours relentlessly watching the sky; drafting and looping his yellow-trimmed kite amongst numberless others; dodging and feinting, setting clever traps; yanking hard on the glass-laced kite string to cut an opponent’s kite free; his Baba, normally so disapproving, cheering him on—it has come down to this, the ...

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Luca Rutherford’s Political Party –  Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Devisers and Writers: Luca Rutherford and Alex Swift Director: Alex Swift Reviewer: Jamie Gaskin Meeting your audience in the bar and cheerily handing out crisps is a novel way to start a show. But then this is party-time not showtime. Luca Rutherford’s confusion over what politics is and what we should do about it is the theme in this neatly ...

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Ed Byrne : Spoiler Alert – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Dave Cunningham Spoiler Alert holding a chainsaw the image is misleading. It is hard to think of a more amiable comedian; the only point in the evening when he comes close to losing his temper is due to a patron repeatedly using her mobile phone. This affable personality is at odds with the theme of the show which is ...

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All Killa No Filla – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Lizz Clark  True crime podcasts are now so popular that the satirical website The Onion recently sent up the genre with six-part spoof A Very Fatal Murder. But All Killa No Filla, hosted by comedians Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard-McLean, isn't a typical example of the form. While it covers all the serial killer stories that aficionados might expect ...

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Best of BE Festival – Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Performers: Kulunka Teatro, Robin Boon Dale & Romain Teule Reviewer: Daryl Holden Comprised of three vastly different pieces, the Best Of BE Festival is exactly what it says on the tin. Juggling, the language of the birds and mask work are what make up these hugely impressive and enjoyable shows from the Birmingham European Festival 2017. And what fantastic work ...

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The Wedding – Liverpool Playhouse

black and white image of five people at work

Creators: Gecko Theatre Director: Amit Lahav Reviewer: Clare Boswell The joy of watching anything by Gecko is two-fold. Firstly, one knows that they are always in for an evening of the most top-notch of physical theatre. Gecko performers have an ability to glide across a stage in an almost other-worldly manner. However, the second joy of a Gecko production, and perhaps ...

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On the Outskirts of a Large Event – HOME, Manchester

Writer: Joe W Director: Malaika Cunningham Reviewer: Andrea Allen Lucien wakes on a small island with a gaping head wound and no recollection of who he is. Accompanied by an anonymous ‘fan’, he slowly pieces his life together, and it becomes increasingly clear that his head trauma may well be not all that it seems. Captivating visuals and a sparse ...

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