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Norfolk & Norwich Festival

The Norfolk &Norwich Festival is one of the oldest festivals in the UK, having been held since 1824 and tracing its roots back further to 1772. Now the festival is one of the flagship arts festivals in the UK. Each May the festival programmes music, theatre, literature, visual arts, circus dance and outdoor arts across the city of Norwich and the wider Norfolk community.

Wolf’s Child – Norfolk & Norwich Festival, Felbrigg Hall

Writer: Dave McKean deviser and Director: Bill Mitchell Composer: Victoria Abbott Reviewer: Glen Pearce If you go down to the woods today… just don’t expect a teddy bears’ picnic. WildWorks’ Wolf’s Child, commissioned especially for the Norfolk and Norwich Festival, is a much more grown-up fairy tale. A gamekeeper warns audience members pre-show to keep to the middle of the ...

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INTERVIEW: 10 Minutes with WildWorks’ Bill Mitchell

Ten Years ago Bill Mitchell founded WildWorks, a theatre company that has become renowned for staging large-scale productions involving local communities and local landscapes. Following on from their award-winning production of The Passion starring Michael Sheen, the company swap the streets of Port Talbot for the woods of the North Norfolk Countryside. Wolf’s Child sees audiences journey through the gardens ...

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Circa: Beyond – Norfolk And Norwich Festival, Norwich

Director: Yaron Lifschitz Reviewer: Glen Pearce [rating:5]   To misquote the famous song, if you go down to the gardens today you're in for a big surprise. Forget teddy bears having a picnic, here, thanks to Melbourne-based Circa, the bears are performing daredevil acrobatics atop a giant pole while life-sized rabbits perform mind-blowing feats of contortion. It may sound like ...

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Britten In Norwich: Our Hunting Fathers – Norfolk And Norwich Festival, Norwich

Composer: Benjamin Britten Conductor: David Parry Leader: Magnus Johnston Soprano: Mary Plazas Reviewer: Michael Gray [Rating:4] Britten in Norwich – in his centenary year, a concert with a strong spirit of place and a clear narrative progression. It's given in St Andrew's Hall, where, in 1924, the 10-year-old Ben was "knocked sideways" by the first live orchestral concert he'd attended. ...

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The Kindness Of Strangers – Norfolk And Norwich Festival, Norwich

Writers: Jack Lowe and Russell Woodhead Director: Jack Lowe Reviewer: Glen Pearce [rating:5] All human life is here, and for the paramedics of Norwich that life can throw up plenty of challenges across a 12 hour shift. For fresh out of training rookie Lisa, her first ride out in an ambulance is a baptism of fire as she faces not ...

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Black Watch – UEA Sportspark, Norwich

Writer: Gregory Burke Director: John Tiffany Reviewer: Glen Pearce [rating:5]   Theatre is often a fleeting experience. You become immersed in a world for a couple of hours, you may think about it for a couple of days later but rarely does a piece stay with you for months, even years after the event. The National Theatre of Scotland’s triumphant ...

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How Like An Angel – Norwich Cathedral, Norwich

Performed by: Circa and I Fagiolini Director: Yaron Lifschitz Musical Director: Robert Hollingworth Reviewer: Glen Pearce [rating:4.5]   As audiences are handed torches and led into darkened cathedral at night, there’s a sense that this is going to be something special. As shadows spill across the stone a lone voice sings out, reverberating through the expansive interior, as further voices ...

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Norfolk And Norwich Festival; I, Malvolio – Playhouse, Norwich

Writer and Performer: Tim Crouch Director: Karl James and A Smith Reviewer: Michael Gray [rating:4.5]   Irving and Olivier, Sinden and Sher, Nigel Hawthorne, Simon Russell Beale – so many memorable Malvolios. But none, I'm sure, got under the skin of the steward as successfully as Tim Crouch, in a wonderful one-man-show of his own devising. It's actually the fourth ...

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