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NEWS: Stage Door Records to release Stephanie Lawrence in Swan Esther on CD

Stage Door Records today announced the Original Concept Album of Nick Munns and J. Edward Oliver’s 1983 musical ‘Swan Esther’ will be released on CD May 26th, 2014.

‘Swan Esther’ is a musical retelling of the biblical story of Esther,the Jewish queen of the Persian King Ahaseuerus. The musical was thebrainchild of legendary theatre producer David Land in a bid toreplicate the earlier success he had achieved with ‘Joseph And TheAmazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’. Featuring an upbeat and memorablescore by Nick Munns and J. Edward Oliver, the musical was firstrecorded as a concept album in February 1983 featuring StephanieLawrence as Esther, Denis Quilley as Haman and Clive Carter as theminstrel Mordecai. ‘Swan Esther’ opened for a limited run at London’sYoung Vic Theatre in December 1983 starring Amanda Redman in the titlerôle.

After undergoing many revisions, the show embarked on a successful UKtour in 1985 produced by Bill Kenwright. Now titled ‘Swan Esther AndThe King’, the new production starred Jackie Marks, Chris Corcoran andWarwick Evans and featured additional songs composed with ShirlieRoden and John Miller.

‘Swan Esther’ now debuts on CD featuring the complete 1983 conceptalbum (digitally remastered from the original master tapes) coupledwith studio rehearsal demos of the additional songs composed for thetouring production ‘Swan Esther And The King’. As a special bonus, thealbum concludes with an unreleased recording by Stephanie Lawrencefrom the unproduced 1992 musical adaptation of ‘How Green Was MyValley’.

For more information and sound clips visit:http://www.stagedoorrecords.com/stage9035.html



01. INTRODUCTION AND BOW DOWN – The Choir Of The King’s House SchoolRichmond, Stephen Hill

02. A FAR OUTPOST OF PERSIA – Clive Carter

03. THE QUEEN’S PARTY – Clive Carter, The Swan Esther Singers

04. THE EMPEROR’S WRATH – Clive Carter, Stephen Hill

05. HAMAN’S ADVICE – Denis Quilley, Stephen Hill

06. A BRIGHT IDEA – Clive Carter, Stephen Hill, Denis Quilley

07. I’VE NEGLECTED TO MENTION – Clive Carter, Stephanie Lawrence

08. WE ALL NEED – The Swan Esther Singers, The Choir Of The King’sHouse School Richmond

09. MY LOVE IS LIKE A DREAM – Stephanie Lawrence

10. BOW DOWN (LET’S MEET THE QUEEN) – Denis Quilley, The Choir Of TheKing’s House School Richmond

11. A STRANGE GIRL – Stephen Hill

12. KILL THE KING! – The Choir Of The King’s House School Richmond,Clive Carter

13. THE EMPEROR’S MEMOIRS – Stephen Hill, Stephanie Lawrence

14. TREASON – Stephen Hill

15. I AM GREAT! – Denis Quilley, Clive Carter

16. I DON’T TRUST HAMAN – Denis Quilley, Stephanie Lawrence, CliveCarter

17. NOTHING TO LOSE – The Square Pegs, The Swan Esther Singers

18. ESTHER – Stephen Hill, Stephanie Lawrence

19. EVIL HAMAN – The Square Pegs, The Choir Of The King’s House SchoolRichmond, Denis Quilley

20. THE KING CAN’T SLEEP – The Square Pegs, Stephen Hill


22. MEN ARE PIGS – Shirlie Roden, Debi Doss, Jackie Marks

23. TAKE AWAY MY CROWN – Shirlie Roden, Richard Barnes

24. ONE LOVE – Jackie Marks

25. COUNTRY GIRL – Jackie Marks

26. GOLDEN STATE – Company

27. PERSIA IS STABLE – Jackie Marks, Richard Barnes

28. WHICH WAY SHALL I TURN? – Jackie Marks


30. ONE LOVE (REPRISE) – Shirlie Roden, Richard Barnes

31. HERE STANDS A MAN – Stephanie Lawrence (from ‘How Green Was My


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