NEWS: Jemima Levick to leave Dundee Rep Theatre


Dundee Rep Theatre’s Artistic Director Jemima Levick, Artistic Director, is to leave the venue to become leaving to becomeArtistic Director &Chief Executive of Stellar Quines Theatre Company.

Levick, who spoke to us last month as part of our 16 For 2016 feature, has been Artistic Director at the Scottish venue since 2013, being an Associate Director prior to that.

Levick is looking forward to the new role. “I am thrilled to take on the mantle of Artistic Director &Chief Executive of Stellar Quines. I have a huge admiration of Muriel Romanes and of all the women who have contributed to the successes that have made it the company it is today.”

For Levick, the history of Stellar Quines is a big attraction. “Stellar Quines is an incredibly important organisation for the Scottish theatre community and beyond. At a time when equality and the work of women remain sharply in focus, it is crucial that we have a dedicated organisation that works to promote, support and encourage artists and audiences to broaden our outlook on this agenda.”

Nick Parr, Chief Executive of Dundee Rep Theatre, was quick to praise Levick’s legacy. “Jemima has done an extraordinary job over the last seven years at Dundee Rep. In a world of intense competition and choice; she has enhanced Dundee Rep’s reputation for quality theatre with programming that is full of ambition and creativity.”

The search for a new Artistic Director for Dundee Rep Theatre will begin in the next few weeks.



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