Never The Same – The Bridewell Theatre, London

Writer: Lily Lowe-Myers
Director: Matt Costain
Reviewer: Ann Bawtree

Presented by Hatstand Productions at that jewel of a venue, the Bridewell Theatre in Fleet Street, Never the Same is a 45-minute playlet for two as part of their new season of Lunch Box Theatre.

The characters are Sarah and Liz, played by Lily Lowe-Myers and Robyn Cooper whose production company this is. With art imitating life, Sarah and Liz have had a long and abiding friendship. But in the play this happy state has been shattered by some dramatic happenings and how to repair the damage, if at all possible, takes the rest of the action.

The set is simple. A varied collection of chairs is used in different combinations to set scene changes. Inventively, they even become a car at one point. The story begins to the accompaniment of waves crashing on the shore followed by the unexpected and surprising arrival of the two women. These two believable characters do-si-do around each other physically and mentally, continuing in this vein throughout. There is much accusation and reproach, talk of forgiveness and many reminiscences.

The storyline is well acted but difficult to hear. Possibly the shrillness of the delivery that befits the tension of the affair is not conducive to being entirely audible. There is also an electronically delivered voice, which is unclear. However, it is evident that a lot of work has gone into this very human story that could easily end either in reconciliation or in bitter sadness.

Runs until 7 October 2016 | Image:AbsolutelyPhoto.co.uk


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A very human story

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