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Midnight Tango – The Opera House, Manchester

Music: Jonathan Taylor, Ros Stephen &Julian Rowlands

Choreographers: Vincent Simone, Flavia Cacace

Director: Karen Bruce

Reviewer : Louise Hulley


Midnight TangoVincent Simone and Flavia Cacace have stolen the hearts of the British public totally and utterly with their breathtaking Argentine Tango seen on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing with their first appearance in 2006.By taking part in Strictly they discovered they had an incredible love for choreographing and performing shows, which resulted in their show Midnight Tango taking to the boards in 2010, and since enjoying three years of successful tours.

Now Midnight Tango hits Manchester for one week only. The story takes you back in time to a bar in Buenos Aires run by Rosa ( Tricia Deighton) and Carlos (Anthony Renshaw) who provide just the right amount of humour, with their own less than risqué take on a Argentine Tango, which generated a rapturous round of applause from the audience. The relationship between these two blossomed throughout the show, which was made believable through the tale they both told.

The story is a mix of passion, lust, love and jealousy told through a combination of Tango and Argentine Tango. The performance itself ran for close to two hours and was just the right length required to convey the story without giving the feeling of it being rushed or being too slow. Of course the stars, the ever popular Vincent and Flavia stole the show with their sultry moves and risqué routines. The chemistry between these two dancing stars is undeniable as through watching them, they make you feel as though they have danced together all their lives and that they are every bit the masters of the Argentine Tango that their credentials lead them to be.

The group numbers performed by a supporting cast of ten dancers, and solo numbers all choreographed by Vincent and Flavia were mesmerising. With lighting which included a thunder storm and different moods for the show all created by lighting designer James Whiteside and the music provided by the small band on stage, along with the bar, all complimented the background and added to the storyline.

Distractions aplenty there is always something going on on the stage,which may be missed if you’re just watching the dancing. The variations of the tango were shown in different forms, from the aggressive to the passionate to the party atmosphere created at the end by the whole cast,all of which married each other beautifully. The show captures the imagination and actually draws you in, making you believe you are part of the story and notjust a spectating bystander.

Midnight Tango proves that dance is still popular with audiences of all generations, is it thanks to Strictly Come Dancing? Perhaps, is it thanks to shows like this? Maybe.

Midnight Tango runs until Saturday 27th July 2013.

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