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Mickey’s Magic Show – The Lowry, Salford

Book: Jerry Bilik

Choreographer: Bart Doerfler

Director: Jerry Bilik

Reviewer: Craig Hepworth



We have all heard the term “Disney Magic”, well Mickey’s Magic Show is precisely that, Disneyfied magic tricks set to many of the staple Disney songs we all know and love, with a little Robbie Williams thrown in for good measure.

Most of the favourite stars are there from Mickey to Goofy with a few princesses and evil queens passing through along the way, the two hosts Brad and Benny guide the audience through the show with Mickey and Minnie often providing the obligatory moralistic message to the kids, presented in a way that just may stick with them in this day and age.

The illusions themselves will not baffle any of the older audience members but are presented very well by Jim Steinmeyer who has previously worked with the likes of David Copperfield, and John Morgans lighting design works well on the most ambitious illusions to create the sense of wonder we expect from Disney and the kids loved it. The costumes, by Scott Lane, as expected are to Disney standard and bring everyone’s favourite character to life in front of the wide eyed youngsters and director Jerry Bilik manages to carry forward the Disney values throughout.

The other production values, such as the sets were not quite up to the same standards, and it was a real shame that no one was allowed to sing live (or for that matter, talk), instead a click track carries all dialogue, music and vocals. The only exception to this are Brad and Benny who obviously have to be live as they are the ones who frequently interact with the audience.

The actors performing the famous characters where excellent in portraying the mannerisms that have been well founded in the films and TV shows, the background artists however did not have anything to do to make them anything other than exactly that.

The problem with reviewing a show that is not directly aimed at anyone other than children is that the criticisms above are completely irrelevant to them, they would not have been noticed and they would not have cared. They would not have affected the enjoyment that having Mickey, Minnie, Goofy &Donald Duck performing tricks live in front of them was giving them and as such this show is recommended to any parents looking to thrill their kids for a very shiny, very slick, very Disney 90 minutes.

One piece of advice, either take a blindfold or a credit card when entering the foyer, merchandise is everywhere, flashing, twirling, appealing and attracting attention from everyone of a certain age without care you too will end up Disneyfied!

Runs until Sunday 5th August

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