Meat Cute – The Bread & Roses Theatre, London

Reviewer: Christine Stanton

Writer: Bibi Lucille

Director: Anastasia Bunce

Lena is on a Tinder mission, swiping right on every gun-toting, fur-cladded, meat-binging man she finds. But she’s not hunting for a date, she’s on there to change the world. Using her charm and flirtatious manner, this vivacious vegan manages to coax men out to a restaurant, before hitting them with her own distinctive brand of activism at the table. While she encourages them to grab her chest instead of a side order of chicken wings, she successfully manages to veganise the men in her swiping vicinity one meal at a time.

Writer and performer Bibi Lucille has the perfect amount of energy needed to bring this unique concept to life. Buzzing around the stage, playing multiple different characters, and whizzing through a variety of scenarios, this fast-paced play both educates and entertains. Her emotively exaggerated manner allows her to slip into each character with ease, at points bordering on slapstick, to transform into the next persona. Lucille and director Anastasia Bunce have found the sweet spot to deliver the cold hard facts by weaving them into a humorous and interesting narrative.

Considering it’s a relatively short play running for only an hour, a lot manages to get crammed in, quickly switching from family dinners to protesting at a slaughterhouse, so at points it does feel like it’s trying a bit too hard to get as much of the message across as possible. The scenes with more focus and less mania are more effective and engaging because they give the audience a second to let the points sink in.

There’s a lot of ways to spread the word for environmental sustainability and animal activism but using the stage as a platform with this comedic monologue is one of the more intriguing and exciting ways to raise awareness. So put down the beefburger and pick up a ticket to catch this thought-provoking performance before it’s too late.

Runs until 23 October 2021

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Vivacious Veganism

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