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Maz and Bricks – Summerhall, Edinburgh

Reviewer: Emma Plotkin

Pro-choice protester Maz, is ready to march for the referendum; rowdy Bricks is picking up his kid and going to the zoo. Destinations set, their meetcute is an adrenalin filled journey from hen party to hospital.

Slapdash Bricks and forth-write Maz are the proverbial odd couple. The characters are in a near constant state of confession and revelation. The couple often speak in expository asides, poetry homespun with roughshod emphatic emotion.  They can drag, but the rhythm, scansion, tenor and general tone are captivating.

Maz, an earnest yet self-righteous liberal, is shown as impulsive to the point of criminal behaviour. She is compassionate, intelligent and extremely guarded. In contrast, Bricks is introduced as a cheeky, insecure, half-wit not deserving the title of misogynist for his lack of insight into the basics of gender dynamics. But his ability to empathize and grow is evident. A single father with visitation rights who slept with his baby mama’s cousin, a man grieving for his dead brother and avoiding a close friend; his complexity is expertly layered brick by brick.

An adventure, a seduction, a love story, a political piece, an abuse, an examination of morality in decidedly grey times – this piece exists as a multi-layered masterpiece. A play about abortion, abuse and many forms of love – its content might be heavy enough to drag down many a show, but the well-crafted writing, brave and connected acting and intelligent staging is an absolute win.

Runs until 26 August 2018 | Image: Contributed


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The well-crafted writing, brave and connected acting and intelligent staging is an absolute win.

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