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MANC MINI – Back Seat Betty

How would you describe your show in one sentence?

A dark encounter with Betty – funny, visceral, and spiraling out of control…

Is this your first visit to the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival, if so what interesting tales have you been told about what to expect?

Actress Jo Dakin has performed many times for the Manchester Comedy Festival as a stand up comedian, but this will be her first time performing for the Manchester Fringe. We’ve been told to expect to be zealous when trying to get people through the door – there’s so much brilliant stuff at the Fringe but Betty is a character not to be missed!

How has the show developed on the way to Manchester?

Back Seat Betty was first performed at the Play 4 Free festival in January. It got a verypositive response with excellent feedback and whenthe run was over we realised we couldn’t let that bethe end of Betty.The show will be performed for the Lost One Act festival in Londonbefore it comes backhome to Manc land.

How have you been preparing for the Greater Manchester Fringe?

We’ve got director Esther Dix on board, who has just been working with Mighty Heart Theatre on When I Feel Like Crap I Google Kim Kardashian Fat, to bring something new to the mix. We’re getting the word out there to make sure no one misses meeting Betty!And we’re busy with intensive rehearsals full of games and gut-wrenching honesty.

What do you think sets your show apart from all the other Greater Manchester Fringe offerings?

The show is funny, raw, andyou won’t forget Betty in ahurry.

What’s the show that you don’t want to miss at this year’s Festival (apart from your own!)?

Sean Moran’s rôle Model, Rhema Theatre Company’s the It’s Not Fair, and Without Theatre’s Before I Fall.

If your show was a biscuit what type of biscuit would it be and why?

Dark chocolate and chilli – bittersweet with a kick!

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