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Making News – Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh

Writers: Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky

Reviewer: Marina Spark


Making News

Making News

Making News is the second play from Coalition writers Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky and sets itself in a BBC news room. On her first day as newly appointed acting Head of Department, Rachel Clarke, played by Suki Webster, finds herself facing the potentially career destroying decision whether or not to run a story that could bring down the BBC from the inside. This current and satirical script covers all bases as far as corruption in major corporations goes and points fun at the inter departmental rivalry between subsections of the BBC, but struggles to break any boundaries when it comes to subject matter and execution of themes. While being full of wit and humour, the script is fairly tame and any serious jabs at accountability are not maximised to their fullest effect.

The actors are all strong and perform their comedy rôles with good timing. Suki Webster is memorable as the highly strung, indecisive Head of News. Hal Cruttenden as Jonathan McVeigh, the shallow, egotistical newsreader who turns out to be switched on after all is entertaining; his character’s journey being rather rewarding to behold. Phill Jupitus as Roger Seabright, the BBC Director General, is sinisterly manipulative, playing the villain of the piece with cool reserve until his explosive destruction.

With a strong cast and an intelligent script this show is worth a watch, however, if you like your humour to stray a little away from the conventional this main stream comedy may not be for you.

Runs until Sun 25th Aug


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