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Luca Rutherford’s Political Party –  Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Devisers and Writers: Luca Rutherford and Alex Swift

Director: Alex Swift

Reviewer: Jamie Gaskin

Meeting your audience in the bar and cheerily handing out crisps is a novel way to start a show. But then this is party-time not showtime.

Luca Rutherford’s confusion over what politics is and what we should do about it is the theme in this neatly devised scenario. But don’t go along if you don’t want to be in the cast list or fancy a dance on stage.

After pepping up the party by encouraging it to balloon out of control – quite literally – we get down to the serious angst of what we should do about it. Luca parades the hypocrisy of a natural Liberal do-gooder who would like to make a material difference provided they are not too inconvenienced by it.

Then in a nod to the pantomime that is politics she accepts the traditional punishment of being “egged” for the crime from her audience-cast – several of whom sat on the stage beside her.

With the balloons subdued the mood darkens and Luca challenges her audience with a series of moral dilemma questions often dealing with the individual’s indecision about making a stand against the system.

Perhaps her manifesto, like many parties, runs on a little and some blue pencil could be introduced following this preview.

However, this is a delicious experiment in physical theatre and generally, lots of fun – provided that you have your party hat on and not your theatre-going head. And it’s good to go to a political party where the only windbags are people inflating balloons.

Don’t be a party pooper pop along and pull some of Luca’s party-poppers. Join the audience and vote for Luca.

Reviewed on 27th February 2018.

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