Lil Saffron: Ragu To Riches – Camden Fringe, The Hen & Chickens Theatre

Reviewer: Christine Stanton

Writer: Michael Kunze

Director: Hugh Edwards

If you’re the type of person that loves fusilli jokes and is a tortellini big fan of musical comedy, then don’t be alfredo of spaghetting yourself down to The Hen & Chickens Theatre to check out Lil Saffron: Ragu to Riches.

Michael Kunze is a comedy master. He takes a very abstract, quite frankly ridiculous plotline and turns it into an engaging, witty, one act play that captivates the audience and has them roaring with laughter throughout. He somehow manages to pull off playing 7 characters, with no set design and minimal props – using just his fantastically well written script to set the scene.

Lil Saffron is an aspiring chef, excited to take the world by storm with the opening of his new pasta restaurant. His loving pasta granny Gloria has taught him everything she knows and is the reason his ragu is the best in town. But the opening night is on the brink of ruin when his arch nemesis from culinary school arrives – Donald McRonald – bearing the news that he wants to set up his own chain of pasta restaurants and will do everything in his power to take Lil Saffron down.

This show has everything from drama, romance, tension, musical interludes and a whole lot of silly jokes. Its light-hearted humour and easy to follow script makes it a perfect choice for a simple, yet effective comedy. The director and onstage maître DJ – Hugh Edwards – does a great job of running the soundtrack, playing the instruments and adding another element of comedy with his reverbs and facial expressions.

The food-based raps and songs are bizarre, witty and yet still insanely catchy – Eminem, watch out! For a low budget show with a very niche subject matter, Kunze somehow creates a huge plot with multiple different layers; the Camden Fringe’s answer to a one-act lasagne. Upon the leaving the theatre you’ll either be searching for Lil Saffron on Spotify, or desperate to go home and devour a carbonara. It’s such a likeable show, that as absurd as it was, you won’t be able to stop giggling at some of the clever jokes and storylines.

Don’t let Kunze pasta you by, because if he had a penne for every one of his ridiculously funny puns that graces the stage in this script – he’d be a very rich man.

Runs until 8 August 2021

Camden Fringe runs from 2 August until 29 August 2021

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Light-hearted, witty, ridiculous but funny

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