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Lee Nelson: Serious Joker –The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Matt Forrest

Breathe a sigh of relief people for Lee Nelson is out of ‘the clink’, well more accurately the man behind Nelson….comedian Simon Brodkin has been released following his invasion of the Tory party conference, where he rather cheekily gave Theresa May her marching orders. The last time we saw Brodkin he was being escorted out of the Manchester Central exhibition centre: well Brodkin is back near(ish) to the scene of the crime with his Serious Joker tour, will he get as ‘warm’ a welcome as he did that night or will be escorted out of the auditorium again?

Arriving on stage dressed in a rather fetching suit complete with security tag still in place, Nelson’s in full cheeky-chappy-cockney-chav mould, instantly getting to know the ‘legends’ young and old in the room. All manner of topics are up for discussion, from replacement bus services to Brexit, guide dogs to the NHS. Brodkin feeds off the audience, allowing them to almost dictate where the evening’s comedy will go. He certainly pokes fun at the audience and makes some unfortunate members the ‘butt’ of the jokes, but, they are never made to look as foolish as Nelson himself.

Having seen Nelson before and been less than impressed with some of the borderline offensive material, this show seems a more restrained and polished routine: there are plenty of silly, puerile gags in there mixed with some astute observations and the show is all the better for it.

What is abundantly apparent from tonight’s show is that Brodkin is a talented, confident performer, who can seemingly turn any bit of information from his audience into good, fun material. It could be argued that he taps into this resource a little often but when you’re fed some of the material he was tonight, then why wouldn’t you?

This was far from a perfect night of comedy, as sometimes a spot of audience participation can create an uneasy feeling, but Brodkin has enough wherewithal to spot this and turn the material back onto himself.

Overall this was a marked improvement from the last time Nelson was in town, whilst not particularly groundbreaking or original, it was certainly a great deal of fun, which made certain that all the ‘legends’ in the audience had an entertaining evening.

Reviewed on 29 October 2017 |

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