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Laughter Market – The Old Market, Hove

Reviewer: Jenni Dixon

[rating: 4.5]


Each month in The Old Market a healthy dose of laughter rings from every orifice in the building as an MC and 5 or so stand up comics do their thing. The wonderfully intimate setting of the bar in the Old Market ensures a friendly and warm atmosphere and a feeling of “we’re all in this together” rather than, it’s them and us.

Dan Evans is a personable MC who interacts with the audience from the outset. His jokes are fed from the audience interaction and they seem to warm to him and he sets the scene well for the other comedians. Julie Jepson takes to the stage first. She’s quick with her quips and has the audience laughing from her first line. Despite struggling a little remembering her repertoire she managed not to fall fate of any awkward silences. After a brief interval (get the drinks in) Aidan Goatley, complete with his fresh Movember Moustache, enlightens us to his take on being a local in Brighton. Alex Petrovic, another local doesn’t seem as confident and gains fewer laughs but holds his own. Joe Foster has a great physical presence which adds to his dry humour. Each comedian does a roughly 10 minute set. The fact that there are 5 acts means there will definitely be something for everyone but you certainly cannot fault any one’s courage for getting up and trying to make people laugh. After another brief interval Jo Neary, the “headliner” for the night takes up the final slot. Jo is a Perrier Award Nominee and might be recognised from television’s That Mitchell and Webb Look and Skins. She is clearly a character actress and her commitment to each character is phenomenal. She too is only on stage for a short amount of time; it didn’t feel long enough. It was obvious that it took a while for the audience to latch on to her sense of humour, being one of those people where it is hard to distinguish if she was in character or not. Pure genius! To conclude the evening, Dan briefly tied up the show and everyone seemed to leave that little bit happier than when they came in.

This is such a great format and venue for those looking for a bit of cheap, light but fantastic entertainment. It also served as a great platform for local comedians. Laughter Market comes highly recommend as a regular bit of respite from the daily grind for all.

Runs until: Thursdays, monthly. Seewww.theoldmarket.com for specific dates.

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