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Founded in 2006, Latitude Festival coined the tagline ‘More than a music festival’ and it certainly is. Alongside major names on the music stages, Latitude offers a range of theatre, dance, poetry, comedy and literature over four days in the beautiful Henham Park in Suffolk. Multi-coloured sheep and attendees from 8-80 make this one of the most diverse festivals on the circuit.

Latitude Festival: How To Fail At Being Perfect – Theatre Tent

Director: Nele Van Den Broeck Musical Director: Emma Oliver Trend Reviewer: Kris Hallett In the year 2138, the dog-eat-dog world has taken hold in London, only the busy people have survived and these successes are far too busy to raise a family. Yet what do they do when they feel the need to have that child, for example, for a ...

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Latitude Festival: 4×4 Bhangra – Waterfront Stage

Reviewer: Robin Winters It's a scorcher of a day, everybody has that festival tiredness kicking in and we're all just about ready to sit down for the evening with a beer or two; with that in mind, what could possibly be better than watching a colourful Bhangra group close the day's proceedings on the Waterfront stage? Well, watching a colourful ...

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Latitude Festival: NYDC – Used to be Blonde, Waterfront Stage

Artistic Director: Sharon Eyal Reviewer: Robin Winters The National Youth Dance Company have, in previous years, occupied the final slot of the weekend on the Waterfront and closed down Sadler's Wells dance proceedings in style; but this year they arrive in droves to perform to a Saturday afternoon audience. With the last few years' offerings being highly rated, and Latitude ...

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Latitude Festival: The Lost Disc – Cabaret Tent

Writers: Will Adamsdale and Ed Gaughan Director: Tom Parry Reviewer: Kris Hallett Obsession is a funny thing. It can drive even the sanest person towards the edge, flipping sense and order into mayhem and chaos. Will Adamsdale and Ed Gaughan's new musical/comedy/play hybrid sees a music journo disappear down a conspiracy theory of his own making. Somewhere out there, he ...

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Latitude Festival: Recirquel Contemporary Circus | Paris De Nuit

Reviewer: Kris Hallett The circus has always held an allure. There is a reason that running away to join the circus has always held an allure. Its form has taken many forms over the years, from family entertainment to stunt shows, but at its heart, there is something of the night about it; the forbidden and the illicit sliding side by ...

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Latitude Festival: Lost Voice Guy – Cabaret Tent

Reviewer: Lucy Ross  The face of comedy is a constantly changing and inspiring form, that can lead its audiences through many different directions and emotions. With comedy being a competitive and often brutal genre, it is no wonder that many comedians struggle to be heard. Yet now, we are seeing the start of a new unique voice reach further audiences across ...

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Latitude Festival: Patrick Barkham | Islander – The Speakeasy

Reviewer: Simon Topping Patrick Barkham has a lot of ground to cover in such a short time. In his new book Islander, Barkham has visited an astonishing amount of the British archipelago in his search for the quirks, joys and challenges of small island living. Inspired by the D H Lawrence story The Man Who Loved Islands, where a man ...

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