Latitude: Relaxation round-up

The ideal day for relaxation at Latitude would be Sunday, but this year, it felt fitting to start the weekend as we mean to go on and aim for the ultimate chill-out on the first full day.

Kicking off with some Disco Yoga over at the Waterfront, Sarah Hunt does her absolute best to wind us all down before we get too wound up and effortlessly grabs the attentions of a crowded riverbank with her downward discoing dog. Disco Yoga is nothing like your average yoga sessions, which don’t usually have a sequin-clad DJ at the back providing the best in 70’s classics to sing, dance and ‘disco plank’ along to. It is, however, possibly one of the most fun yoga classes I’ve witnessed and gradually tempts more and more passers-by to join in as the music gets faster and the moves more energetic; by the end of the hour, it is quite a sight to behold and captures the festival atmosphere perfectly.

Having bowed out of the actual dancing for the last 15-minutes, it was duly noted that the second best view of proceedings may well be from a gondola – something I have never managed to experience in all of my Latitude years. The queue is short and so we jump at the opportunity let a striped gondolier punt us around the lake while we continue with the yoga in mind and spirit while still enjoying the tunes. Exactly as relaxing as it looks, the short but free excursion takes you around some of the lake installations and right behind the Waterfront stage seated comfortably on a padded seat. Smiles and waves (and jealous glances) come from those crossing the bridge and, as the air warms, it’s a fabulous addition to the festival experience and one that really shouldn’t be missed.

Just next to the gondolas, and a new addition to the riverbanks this year, is the hammock area. Several stands full of suspended canvas await, designed for ultimate rest and relaxation… at least once you’ve figured out how to get in, and stay in, one without falling on your face (just don’t ask me how I know). Once balance is achieved, they are somewhat comfortable, although a little too close together to be completely so – the gentle nudging from your neighbour not being totally welcome. A nice touch and a good escape from the hustle and bustle all the same.

There’s only one thing left to complete the morning’s r&r and it could only come in the form of freshly ground coffee and greek food which is far from short in supply…mmmm. On with the weekend!

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